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Tropifit Budgie

Tropifit Budgie produces and sells quality feed for various cage birds such as budgies, parrots, nightingales, finch (finches), canaries. The feeds, which are formulated considering the nutritional habits of caged birds, ensure a healthy and balanced diet of the bird. Tropifit Budgie bird feeds are sold at affordable prices compared to many imported and domestic bird feeds. This is a very advantageous situation for bird owners. Despite its attractive price, its high quality is a feature that further increases the value of the feed. Tropifit Budgie carefully selects premium quality grains and seeds in their freshest form. It blends it by purifying it from dust and bacteria with the latest technology devices. The feeds, which are clinically tested in the laboratory environment, are packaged untouched in accordance with the hygiene rules. With special packaging systems, it is ensured that the feed remains at the same freshness for a long time.

Tropifit Budgie Bait

Tropifit Budgie Food

Tropifit budgerigar food is produced in accordance with the natural diet of budgerigars. It contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that budgies need at the maximum level. It is a complete feed that provides the bird with a healthy and balanced diet. Tropifitbudgerigar feed contains; yellow millet, canary feed, red millet, Italian millet, Extruded corn, processed oats, hemp seeds, Extruded wheat, hawthorn seeds, black sunflower seeds, flax seeds, vitamins and minerals. With its rich content, it is a food that budgies love to eat. With its nutritional values, it ensures that the bird gets the nutritional values it needs at the maximum level.

Tropifit Budgie Parakeet Food 700 Gr

Tropifit Budgerigar Food Review

Bird owners commenting on Tropifit budgerigar food state that they are quite satisfied. Budgerigars are very selective and sensitive birds when it comes to food. It takes a long time to get used to different feeds. However, bird owners who use Tropifit budgerigar feed state that they get used to this food immediately and that they eat it very fondly. They explain that their birds, which depend on tropiphyte to eat, are more energetic and active, their feathers are more lively and bright, and their speech feature is gradually increasing. Bird owners who have started to use tropifit budgerigar feed emphasize that they are very satisfied with the feed and that they will no longer buy another feed.

Tropifit Coctail Small Parrot Food 700 Gr

How Tropifit Feed?

Tropifit feed is a highly nutritious feed with its rich content and nutritional values. Specially formulated feeds, taking into account the nutritional needs of caged birds, provide the bird with a healthy and balanced diet. Animals fed with Tropifit feed lead a much better quality of life. Because it also provides longevity of the bird with its vitamins, minerals and nutritional values. Birds have stronger bones and stronger immune systems. Thus, the birds that do not get sick become energetic and active. The feed, which also increases the speaking ability of cage birds, which is the joy of homes, makes both birds and bird owners happy. Tropifit feed, which is affordable compared to other bird feeds, allows you to feed your little friend with the best quality feed without breaking your budget.


Tropifit Bait

Tropifit feed varieties provide adequate and balanced nutrition for cage birds. The feeds, which have a rich content, have been developed by formulating different characteristics for each bird breed. Feeds that support the physiological and biological development of birds at the maximum level are produced with 100% natural raw materials. Freshly selected grains and seeds are carefully blended and packaged under hygienic conditions. Tropifit feed is produced in state-of-the-art facilities with professional studies and offered for sale. The feeds that bird owners can trust to their birds are quite healthy and nutritious. In the new internet environment, which is a bit difficult to find in pets, you can find it at affordable prices at many sales points.

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