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Tropifit Budgie

Tropifit Budgie is a bird feed brand that is hard to find in the market but you can easily order over the internet. In this sense, there are many kinds of feeds. There are finch (finch) feeds, especially budgerigar feed, as well as canary feeds, nightingale feeds, small parrot feeds and in addition to these, various mixed exotic foods are available.

About Tropifit Budgie

Tropifit Budgie brand, which has 13 feed types, is A+ quality feed. As we said at the beginning, it is a rare feed brand in petshops, and you can easily order from online stores. With the additional seeds and minerals in it, you can see your birds lubrication less than other brand feeds. Since there are enough or more seeds in almost every brand of feed in the market, the rate of oiling increases depending on the inactivity of your birds, which makes it a bulky bird to become large and fat in humans. For such reasons, it is beneficial to choose only one feed and give it a mineral-rich feed and water accordingly, without constantly changing the feed brand. In this sense, Tropifit feed is an effort to be a pioneer for you. It has drawn a better profile than market feeds. Judging by the Tropifit Budgie comments, you will see that people can reach tropifit feeds by ordering online, which they cannot find in stores such as petshops. Of course, you can find it when researched, but the internet can be more convenient than the normal market.

To list the products of the Tropifit feed brand;
Tropifit Budgie Bait

Tropifit Guinea Pig Feed 1.5 Kg
Tropifit Small Parrot Food 700 Gr
Tropifit Love Food 700 Gr Tropifit
Tropifit Budgie-Budgerigar Food 700 Gr
Tropifit Rabbit Food 500 Gr
Tropifit Rabbit Food 1.5 kg
Tropifit Budgie Parakeet Food 700 Gr
Tropifit Hamster Food 500 Gr
Tropifit Coctail Small (Paradise) Parrot Food 700 Gr
Tropifit Guineapig Food 500 Grams
Tropifit Rabbit Food 500 Gr
Rodent Tropifit Food 500 Gr
Nightingale Tropifit Exotic Food 700 Gr

We will research all of these feeds one by one for you and add our articles in the future.

Tropifit Budgie has drawn a reasonable price policy compared to other imported or domestic products in terms of price. You can see feeds at very good prices in all their products. In this regard, it is a little more prominent than other feed brands or open feeds and its awareness is low. We anticipate that when it brings awareness to the fore, it will also include features that will set a stone against other brands.

There are all the additional food supplements that budgerigars may need in the natural environment, and most of the millet varieties are all varieties that you cannot find raw in the market. In addition to these, oats, corn, hemp (supplementary nutrition for mating), hawthorn seeds, if you are keeping small parrots, black sunflower seeds in some product varieties and flaxseed are indispensable in all feeds. We need to convey that a separate article should be written for flax seeds.

Average analyzes of Tropifit brand feeds are as follows; The protein ratio is 12.1, increasing the mobility of your birds and providing them with productive offspring. The most important factor is that although these ratios seem to be low compared to other feed brands, this brand, which includes almost all millet varieties, says the minimum oil ratio is 3.0 to 7.5 on average. The cellulose ratio is maximum 8.92 and we observe that this ratio is high. The calorie rate is given as 3300 in terms of metabolism.

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