Biting Problem in Parrots

Biting in parrots is one of the most common problems new parrot owners face. Most parrot owners have encountered this problem at least once. Biting can sometimes go as far as plucking, and some people may even mistakenly think that their parrot doesn’t like them. Biting can have many causes. A parrot does not bite for no reason. In order to find an appropriate solution, it is necessary to determine when and in which situations it bites and first find out why. Does it bite when changing feeders or cleaning its cage?
Parrots are territorial and tend to protect their territory. Some are even more prone and use their sharpest weapons, their beaks, to protect their homes and nests, as in nature.

Parrot Safety Gloves

Parrots are animals with strong biting abilities. Especially when they first come to the house, parrots may show biting behavior. The reaction to this behavior is important in terms of determining the attitudes of the parrots in the next process. When the parrot bites, it should be avoided to act harshly and instead, personal safety precautions should be taken. The parrot safety glove is very effective in this regard. It is possible to train parrots easily with parrot safety gloves that do not feel the bite.

In order to prevent these behaviors from reaching these dimensions, you can change the place of the contents of the cage more often, for example, perches, toys or the direction of the cage, etc. Thus, you can reduce this feeling a little more.
In fact, there is no complete solution for this type of bite. If your parrot has such a habit, try not to change their food frequently while she is in the cage.

Does it bite when you try to put it in its cage?

The reason for this is very simple, she’s just trying to tell you that she doesn’t want to be in the cage.

What could be the reason for this?

Do you keep it in the cage too often and does it get bored in the cage? Is it more often kept in a cage as punishment?
She shouldn’t be afraid to go into a bird cage, if she’s afraid then she doesn’t like it …
Do not wait for the last moment for her to return to her cage, make a preliminary preparation. Parrots are extremely sensitive and empathetic creatures, they immediately sense your emotions. For example, when I pick up the suitcase before going on a trip, our crockery comes right away and tries to gnaw the handle of the suitcase or tries to block it by pretending that you can’t get ready. If you have to leave the house in 5 minutes and you are running around the house, she immediately senses that you are stressed or angry.

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