Tropifit Budgie Parakeet Food 700 Gr

Today, we will share with you information, experiences and comments about the feeds of the Tropifitbrand in special packages for budgies. You can send us your questions and opinions in the comment section below the topic. With the interaction we received from you recently, we felt the need to convey our experience and knowledge of feed brands to you and we created a category about feeds on our website. In this section, we also refer to feed and nutrition types, especially diseases.

Tropifit Budgie Parakeet Food 700 Gr
Especially in the winter months, our birds, our babies, our little parrots, which have become a part of our homes, should be protected with special attention and protein. In order to help you in this regard, instead of saying that you should always keep them in a warm environment, it is necessary to provide them with the best nutrition. Of course, you breathe the air in the environment you live in along with them. you get cold where they are cold, if you don’t, you won’t encounter a problem where the cold environment does not fall below 15 degrees. If there is no critical illness, there will be no problem for your budgerigar, but apart from this issue, the nutritional habits, feed and food richness is in your hands. For this reason, they do not have a problem such as foraging, we do not think that they know anything other than crowing when they are hungry.

We make an effort to take care of our birds in the best way, we prepare both feed and food, and even some friends make their own honey crackers and give their birds natural crackers that they have prepared without any additives.

In this article, we will talk about the Tropifit Budgie brand’s special feed for budgerigars, a type of feed with a very rich mineral, which is offered for sale in 700 gram packages. In order not to make any concessions to other competitors in this regard, mixed feed production attracts attention with its special production only for budgerigars, not for longlines or large parrots. We congratulate them on this. A few years ago, the Tropifit brand was found in almost every pet shop, but nowadays it has become a very rare brand. We have no idea whether the economy is indirect or the brand’s inability to sell, we usually place bulk orders over the internet because we buy feed from the brands we have determined. We have mentioned the feed brand we have used before in our articles. (See)

Tropifit Budgerigar Food Review

We always express our comments about Tropifit, we will express it for every brand from now on, but we will say it a little more for the brands that do justice to it so that justice can be served. We always know how to act fairly in this regard. Such a bait should be produced and sold at reasonable prices according to market conditions. Recently, with the increase in the exchange rate and the increase in prices, we have become extremely distressed. When we look at Tropifit internet prices, we see that they are at an average level in line with market conditions. Packaged feed shipping fee etc. When added, it is very convenient for bulk purchases. You can find 1 kilogram of feed for the same price on the internet, for a half kilo of food that you can buy for 12 – 15 Turkish liras in petshop stores. Our advice to you is to buy closed baits in bulk. Although it does not make much sense in single purchases, it is suitable for bulk purchases.

Vitamin Budgie Food

Yes, it comes in a package rich in vitamins and minerals. Do not always feed your birds different feeds. Because each brand produces different features and has different mixtures. However, if you are focusing on a brand, we recommend that you continue on it. Tropifit Budgie Parakeet Feed, which consists of many mixtures such as yellow millet, red millet, Canary feed, Italian millet, Processed oats, Extruded corn, Hemp seed, Extruded wheat, Hawthorn seed, Black sunflower seed, Flaxseed, is the most ideal feed mixture for your birds. is going out.

One of our readers’ question is about imported budgie feeds?

We know that imported budgerigar feeds are more expensive than domestic feeds, while the customs costs that cause this are in question, such as VAT rates, while we know that most of the millet varieties are already imported from our country, we know that they buy the same product and sell it to us again, but we rarely come across a domestic feed producer in our country, Beyaz Değirmen. I think that when we increase these producers, we will not need imported feeds when they have competitors. We will also refer to Beyaz değirmen products in our next articles.

Let’s Take a Look at the Contents of Tropifit Parakeet Feed


water is the highest rate : 11,56
Minimum rate of Crude Protein : 12,1
Minimum-maximum ratio of crude oil : 3,0 – 7,5
The highest proportion of crude cellulose : 8,92
The highest proportion of raw ash : 3,05
The highest rate of insoluble ash in HCL : 0,80
NaCl / max ratio : 0,12
Metabolic Energy at least Kcal/kg : 3300
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