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Tropifit Coctail Small Parrot Food 700 Gr

Yes, in our menu today, we will always talk to you about the feed quality difference between brands with our brand Tropifit, which is a packaged feed specially prepared for small parrots, that is, for parakeet parrots. Ready-made feeds do not always mean that we take care of our birds, which have accustomed us to preparation, and that we take care of them very healthy by just giving them ready-made feed. From this point of view, package feeds can provide seeds, vitamins and many effects, but the vitamin only provides support from a single arm, adding mineral energy to them is also very necessary, whether in the breeding period or in normal times of our birds. Handmade food can come to the fore especially in this regard. I would like to point out that the supplementation with a packet of feed seeds, which we would like to briefly explain here, will not be one-sided.

Tropifit Coctail Small Parrot Food Package Contents

Tropifit Coctail Small Parrot Food 700 Gr
Our topic today is packaged feeds, yes, packaged feeds are more beneficial than feeds consisting of dyed stones in the open. We believe that there is something dyed like a stone in the feed, which they specify as dried bread, but in our opinion, it is not bread. Against those feeds, the presence of more yellow millet, red millet and white millet seeds in the packaged feeds will invite our birds to eat healthier feed with more white wheat or barley-like content instead of colored stones.

As papaganlar.org editors, we have been researching feed brands for a long time. We are trying to prepare content about these brands and information that our readers will benefit from. We reach new information on this subject every day, and we assume that this information is always correct to 70% of the accuracy rate.

Coctail Small Parrot food, which is specially packaged for small parrots, is sold to us in a 700 gram package. The materials contained in it;

Striped sunflower seeds, Canary seed, Red millet, Extruded corn, Processed oats, Safflower, Buckwheat, Black sunflower seeds, Wheat, White sunflower seeds, Hemp seeds, Flax seeds, Niger seeds, Yellow millet, Extruded wheat.

The analysis reports arising from these mixtures are as follows;

Minimum rate of water : 10,59
Minimum rate of Crude Protein : 12,8
Minimum-maximum ratio of crude oil : 7,5 – 12
The highest proportion of crude cellulose : 10,2
The highest proportion of raw ash : 3,06
The highest rate of insoluble ash in HCL : 0,7
NaCl / max ratio : 0,11
Metabolic Energy at least Kcal/kg : 3600
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