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Hello, Today we will tell about our experience on the Versele Laga brand. It is a Belgian origin brand and has taken a large part of the market share in Turkey. Until recently, we preferred the versele laga brand, and it was among the ones we recommend to those who produce domestically or keep only one or two budgies. However, when we come to the last period, we think that although this situation is in terms of quality, since there is competition in the market, it has lost its resistance against its competitors. In our previous article, we talked about Euro Gold bait. In this article, we explained why we switched from versele laga branded feeds to Euro Gold branded feeds.

We have been using Versele for a long time, but lately, we have started to have a problem that we do not understand whether it is in the seeds or not.

We knew relatively well that budgerigars and small parrots called Parakets are very picky about feed, but it was also meaningful that they chose according to the brand of feed. The brand we are actively using now is Euro Gold.

Versele Laga Parakeet Feed

If we talk about the content of Versele Laga again, it has a very rich content, but it also has a lot of work to balance the need for vitamins and minerals. We will talk about these below. Versele Laga has a very respectable place in the Turkish market. Prices have increased a bit due to the increase in the exchange rates in the recent period, but it still continues to hold its place in the market. You can easily get it online or from Petshop stores. In accordance with the market conditions, its cost is slightly higher than that of private feed brands, which compels users to choose different feed brands.

According to our latest research, we observe that the standard feed package we bought 1 year ago has increased by 3 liras today. We pass by saying that there is no change in the quality or weight of the product, but considering that the price hikes affect our country due to the rising dollar and euro exchange rates, it may be because they are imported. However, we may show a reaction against the increase in price increases of Turkish brands in this direction by standing up and not buying their products.

Versele Laga Products

  • Versele Laga Budgerigar Food 500 Gr
  • Versele Laga Parrot Food 1 Kg
  • Versele Laga Paraket 1 Kg
  • Versele Laga Budgie Food 1 Kg
  • Verselelaga Exotic Light Fruits And Nuts For Parakeet And Parrots 750 Gr
  • Versele Laga Exotic Nuts Parrot Food 750 G (For large parrots)
  • Versele Laga Exotic Fruit Parrot Food 600 G
  • Versele Laga Orlux Frutti Patee 1 Kg
  • Versele-LagaNutribird P19 Original 10Kg
  • Versele Laga African Parrot Mix 1 Kg
  • Verselelega Orlux Frutt Pate Bait 250 G
  • Versele Laga Parakeet and Small Parrot Food 1 Kg
  • Versele Laga Prestige Loro Parque Ara Mixed Parrot Food 2.5 Kg
  • Versele-LagaNutribird P19 Tropical 10Kg

The foods we have listed are for large and small parrots and especially budgerigars. Versele Laga produces not only feed but also multivitamin drugs, but also becomes a brand with plenty of alternatives such as dog, cat, hamster food, guinea pig feed, finch (nightingale style) bird feeds and bird sand. As a vitamin medicine, it also helps its customers to take care of their birds in the best way with many drugs such as intestinal regulator, reproductive period, conditioning, multivitamins, digestive system regulators, garlic oil.

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