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Euro Gold Budgie Food

It’s been quite a while since Euro Gold entered the Turkish market, as a hobbyist who has been using vitakraft and Versele Laga for years, I recently noticed that our birds like Euro Gold products more. One of the biggest reasons for this was that the vitamins and seeds were different. It is one of the brands that a hobbyist who has 1 or more birds at home should use. Although it is a bit lower than the Versele LAga and Vitakraft brand feeds, which are very affordable in terms of price, its quality is indisputable, at least it can be tried. You can easily find 500 gr Euro Gold Budgerigar feed for around $6 on the internet. We buy 4 packs per month for our 3 pairs of budgies and help them stay healthy with powermax food supplement in between.

Eurogold Budgie Food

How is Euro Gold Bait?

Again, the same brand, Euro Gold, has a special fruity food, which we give to our birds as dessert on different days a week or two. Not only do seed feeds help our birds stay healthy, but our poultry, which they find in their natural environment with vitamins A B C, but need what we give them in the cage environment, seek vitamins A B C in seeds and in the foods we will give them as supplementary food. We can also add vitamin supplements by mixing them with their water. Our weekly program is normal natural water on Monday, apple cider vinegar water on Tuesday, normal natural water on Wednesday, normal natural water on Thursday, A or B vitamin mixed water on Friday, and non-normal natural tap water on weekends.

Euro Gold Feed Brand

We are also planning the Powermax Food supplement at the weekend. We give Euro Gold budgie feed on weekdays. Our birds love their food very much, they love to eat it. When we switched to Euro Gold brand food, we did not have any question marks like other hobbyists, but when we gave a feed or two, we saw that the feeds were eaten to the bottom, of course, we give half a bowl to understand this. They exceed 70% by our scales. Because when we gave Versele Laga brand feed, this rate was also below 50%, we started blowing feed at the window because we were standing upright against wasting half of the feed. We saw that this rate decreased with Euro Gold. We realized that our birds had a common attitude towards this food. While we are writing this article, we are not a Euro Gold supporter, but we are writing it to not give you credit. Because we have used other feeds for years and now I wanted to convey this information to you as a conscious feed user. I see it on many forum pages on the internet, there are many titles such as “best budgie feed” “quality budgie feed” and so on, I tried many of the brands mentioned here, but it was 2018 and the technology is developing, the competition is very high, however, the price If there is no upgrade in the policy, we will complete this year with the Euro Gold budgerigar brand. Of course, I will write comments about other brands, but I wanted to write because Euro Gold is the brand I use actively.

Product List for Euro Gold Brand Budgies

  • Eurogold Talker Feed Additive 150 Gr
  • Eurogold Love Honey Cracker Triple 100 Gr
  • Eurogold Red Branch Millet 5 Pieces
  • Eurogold Love Feed 1 Kg
  • Eurogold Special Fruity Muh. Bird Feed 500gr
  • Eurogold Natural Branch Millet 250 Gr
  • Eurogold Yellow Millet 5 pcs.
  • Eurogold Special Shellless Budgerigar Food 500Gr
  • Eurogold Love Feed 500 Gr.
  • Eurogold Love Fruit Cracker Triple 100 Gr
  • Eurogold Heater Feed Additive 150 Gr
  • Eurogold Special Eucalyptus Budgerigar Food 500gr
  • Eurogold Baby Love Food 500 Gr.
  • Eurogold Love Fruit Cracker Triple 130 Gr
  • Eurogold Muhabbet Calcium Cracker Triple 130 Gr
  • Eurogold Bird Food 100 Gr
  • Eurogold Love Honey Cracker Triple 130 Gr
  • Eurogold Talker Feed Additive 150 Gr
  • Eurogold Budgie Starter Set
  • Eurogold Budgies Roasting Cracker Triple 130 Gr
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