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Euro Gold is a globally recognized feed brand in the field of animal feeds. The company, which produces feed for many animals, also offers feeds with different contents and flavors for cage birds. There are feed varieties formulated for cage birds of all ages and races.

It blends feeds with nutritional values needed by cage birds with first quality raw materials. The feeds, which are packed untouched by human hands in its facilities equipped with the latest technology, can be used for a long time with the same freshness.

Eurogold Budgie Food

Eurogold budgerigar feed ensures that budgies can have a healthy and balanced diet in accordance with their natural eating habits. It ensures that the bird can get the vitamins and vitamins it needs in the best way.

In the content of Eurogold budgie feed; It has yellow, white and red millet, flaxseed, canary seed, seasonal oats, a mixture of vitamins and minerals, honey and fruit flavors. The mixture that budgies love to eat ensures a healthy and balanced diet.

Eurogold Budgie Food

Eurogold Food

Eurogold feed has a wide range of products produced for various animals. It ensures that many animals can be fed in a balanced way in accordance with their natural feeding conditions. The feeds offered with quality assurance in European Union standards are healthy and delicious.

Feed ingredients are formulated to contain the necessary nutrients specifically for each animal. It is prepared in the form of special compounds by undergoing clinical tests in the laboratory environment. Grain and seeds, which are feed raw materials, are passed through purifiers and all dust and bacteria are purified. The feed, which is packaged untouched by technological devices, is presented as healthy food for animals.

Eurogold Budgie Feed 1Kg.

Eurogold budgie feeds can be in 1 Kg packages as well as 150 grams, 500 grams, 5 Kg. 10 Kg. Even 20 kg. It can also be offered in packages of . 1 Kg.’ It is one of the weights you can choose according to your bird’s eating speed and your desire.

Since Eurogold budgie feeds are packaged in protected packages, they are feeds that you can continue to use for a long time with the same freshness. Every time you buy bait, it will be enough to close the package in an airtight way.

Eurogold Shellless Special Food

Eurogold Special Shellless Budgerigar Food 500 Gr.

Eurogold Special groats is a specially produced bird food for budgerigars by blending peeled grains and seeds. Especially when baby budgies are learning to eat, they have difficulty in removing the shells.

Shellless feeds are an ideal type of feed for baby birds. It is also very suitable for the lack of appetite of adult birds during periods such as illness, moult, stress. In the content of Eurogold special unshelled feed; It contains peeled yellow, red and white millet, calcium, animal and vegetable oils, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride and vitamins mixed with egg. It provides the daily nutritional needs of budgerigars to be met.

Eurogold Parrot Food

Eurogold parrot food is a type of food that supports the healthy development of parrots and keeps their immunity strong. Its content enriched with vitamins and minerals provides parrots with a balanced and healthy diet. The feed, which has a 100% natural content, is formulated in accordance with the natural feeding habits of parrots. It contains; It contains wheat, corn, barley, seasonal oats, white and red sorghum, sunflower, peanut, safflower, vitamin and mineral mixture, honey and fruit flavors. With its unique content, it ensures that parrots can be fed in the best way possible.

Eurogold Parrot Food 750 Gr.

Eurogold parrot food 750 Gr. It can be offered in packages of . You can choose feed in grams suitable for your parrot’s daily nutritional needs. You should know that the parrot’s feeder must be constantly fed.

Because as long as they stay awake, they may need to eat constantly. With Eurogold parrot food, you will see that your parrot is more lively and energetic, has brighter feathers and starts talking more.

How is Eurogold Feed?

Animal owners using Eurogold feed have observed positive developments in their animal friends when they started using this feed. Eurogold feed provides a balanced and healthy diet with nutritious nutrients and the taste and smell that animals love.

Well fed animals are more energetic and healthy. Eurogold is very high quality and safe with its first quality 100% natural raw material and perfect packaging used in feed content.

Eurogold Feed Review

It is seen that there are positive comments in the Eurogold feed comment sections. Bird owners using Eurogold feed are very satisfied with the feed. Compared to other feeds, they state that Eurogold feed is of higher quality.

They emphasize that there are no colored shells and balls inside and that they are very pleased with this situation. It is said that their birds love to eat, which is a pleasing situation for bird owners. The fact that the product has arrived quickly and is affordable are among the comments of bird owners.

Eurogold Speaker Bait

Eurogold Speaker Bait

With the vitamin and mineral additives in the Eurogold talker feed, it energizes the bird and enables it to talk more quickly and more. The bait, which is a special mixture, softens the glands under the tongue of the bird, allowing it to speak more comfortably.

In the content of Eurogold talker feed; yellow, white and red millet, safflower, safflower, niger, flaxseed, hemp, vitamin and mineral mixture. These raw materials, which are mixed with the appropriate percentages for the bird’s needs, are blended in proportions that will make the bird talk.

Eurogold Superheater Feed

Eurogold provides support to reproduction with the vitamin and mineral additives in the feed feed. Birds, called the estrus period, need more energy during their breeding period. Eurogold heat feed provides extra energy to the bird, allowing it to pass this period comfortably and efficiently.

Eurogold Superheater Feed

Eurogold intensifier feed contains; There are white, red and yellow millet varieties, flaxseed, canary seed (saspir), Niger seed, safflower, hemp, vitamin and mineral mixture. All these grains, seeds, vitamins and minerals are mixed with appropriate percentages for the bird’s needs.

It is produced in accordance with the breeding period of the bird, which is blended with the rates determined by passing clinical tests in the laboratory. By giving energy to the bird, it is ensured that it easily overcomes the estrus period, and it also obtains the necessary energy for an efficient reproduction.

Eurogold Paraket Feed

Eurogold longline food is prepared in accordance with the natural feeding habits of longline birds. The best quality seeds are carefully selected and blended to formulate the ideal feed for longlines.

Thanks to the honey and fruit flavors in its content, it is a feature that even the unappetizing birds, who are reluctant to eat, will love to eat. The feed, which is liked by parakeets very much with its taste and smell, ensures that they can get all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values they need.

In the content of Eurogold longline bait; canary feed (plain safflower), yellow, white and red millet varieties, red and white sorghum, seasonal oats, sunflower seeds (dakoda), safflower, vitamin and mineral mixture, fruit and honey flavors. With all this unique content, it is a complete food store for parakeets.

Eurogold Paraket Parrot Food

Eurogold Paraket Feed 750 Gr.

Eurogold longline bait 750 Gr.It is packaged in packages of . It is thought to be the most ideal weight measure in terms of timely consumption of the feed with fresh properties. It is ideal with its weight size and packaging style, which has been designed considering the nutritional habits of longline birds. Although it is durable for a long time with its special packaging and packaging technique, it is packaged in suitable weights considering that it can harm the bird if it gets moisture and air.

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