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White Millet

White Millet is an annual herbaceous plant from the family of wheatgrass, whose homeland is East and Central Asia. Being a heat and drought resistant plant, millet is one of the many millet varieties. It is a plant cultivated in many countries of the world and used as the main food source in developing countries. In our country, it is mostly planted on the shores of Lake Van and in Hakkari. In addition, it is grown in Muğla and Hatay. Millet, which is the raw material of boza, is also used in bread making in some regions. Millet is a delicious food for caged birds.

What is White Millet?

White millet is one of the millet varieties most used as bird feed. It is one of the favorite food types of cage birds such as canaries, parrots and parakeets. It is also used in mixed bird feeds. In addition to being a delicious food for birds, millet is highly nutritious. It has nutritional values that support the healthy development and growth of birds.

White Millet Price

White Millet Feed

Millet feed is one of the most healthy and nutritious foods, especially for cage birds. millet fodder; Contains 72 carbohydrates, 10% protein, 2.50% cellulose, 2.50% fat. With these nutritional values, it ensures that the daily nutritional values ​​of the birds are met. It is generally preferred with its nutritive feature among mixed parrot feeds. It also helps baby birds get used to eating food. It is ideal for baby birds with its easily broken shell and small grains. Millet is a nutritious feed that adult birds also love to taste.

White Millet Seed

Millet seed is the edible part of the millet plant. The seeds of the millet, which is a herbaceous plant, have rich nutritional values. The millet seed, which is white and light yellow in color, consists of tiny particles. Just like other grasses, the seeds covered with a shell are the main food sources of cage birds. The tiny millet seeds, which birds love to eat, are very nutritious and delicious.

White Millet Prices

White Millet Budgie

Millet is one of the staple foods of budgerigars. The millet, which is also included in mixed budgie feeds, makes the feed delicious. Millet seed, which can be given alone, ensures that budgerigars can get the nutrition they need. It is very useful for baby budgies to get used to eating from the shell. It will be beneficial for adult birds to be easily eaten during the laying and raising of their young, especially during stressful times, and the nutritional values in its content.

White Millet

White Millet Plant

The millet plant is a plant in the form of clusters in the form of erect or oblique flowers that grow on the stem. The millet plant, whose body can grow up to 2.5 to 4.5 meters, is a useful plant with its seeds formed in the flowering part. The millet plant, which likes sandy soils, is planted in the spring and is drought resistant. Although it is a tropical climate plant, it can adapt to various climates. The millet plant, which can adapt to different soil types, has a durable structure that is not damaged by heavy rains.

What is White Millet?

How to Plant White Millet?

Millet is sown in the spring by plowing the soil with agricultural tools and scattering, and then throwing the seeds 1-3 cm below the soil. A soil temperature of 13-15 degrees is suitable for rapid development of the seed. When necessary, fertilizer is thrown while planting millet and its productivity is supported. The amount of seeds to be planted per decare should be between 0.5 and 5 kg. When the sown millet sprouts in the soil, irrigation and hoeing is done according to the need. The millet plant, which can adapt to various climates and is very durable, is grown by taking the necessary care in accordance with the climate and soil characteristics of the place where it is planted. It is harvested when the grains are fully ripe.

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