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Deli Nature

Deli Nature is a Belgian-based company with roots in the world-renowned Beyers. It produces quality bird feeds with 100% natural raw materials. The company, which has a wide range of products, produces special feeds for cage birds of all ages and races.

It carries out production and packaging without human touch in its hygienic facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. Feeds that meet the daily vitamin and mineral needs of caged birds are presented in a laboratory environment after clinical tests. Deli Nature bird feeds, which have high nutritional value, have a taste that birds will love to eat.

Deli Nature Budgie Food

Deli Nature budgie feed is a type of feed that will best meet the daily nutritional needs of budgies. In the content of the oath offered with brand quality and assurance; It contains 36% canary feed, 25% yellow and white millet, 8% Japanese millet, 5% peeled oats, 10% yellow panicium, 4% hemp seeds, 2% Niger seeds.

All these seeds and grains are cleaned freshly and packed with a special packaging system in an airtight way without touching. It is packaged so that it can be used for a long time with the same freshness. While meeting the daily nutritional needs of budgerigars, it supports growth, development and healthy life.

Deli Nature Budgie Food 20 Kg

Deli Nature offers budgie feed in 20 Kg packages as an ideal product especially for bird breeders. The grains and seeds contained in it are packaged as freshly mixed in sufficient proportions so that budgerigars can have a healthy and balanced diet.

In the content of this bird feed; It contains 40% yellow millet, 40% white yellow, 5% red millet, 5% peeled oats, 5% canary seed (seed). With this grain and seed ratio, it ensures that the daily nutritional needs of budgerigars are met in the best way.

Deli Nature Budgie Food

Deli Nature Budgie Food

Deli Nature budgerigar food is a special type of food that ensures the best feeding of budgies. Deli Nature is produced and packaged in technological facilities in Belgium. The feeds imported to our country are delivered to the consumer with a special packaging system.

Deli Nature, a world-renowned brand, is an award-winning product and offers quality feeds suitable for the basic nutritional requirements of birds. It contains the necessary vitamins and minerals so that the bird can provide adequate food and energy in the best possible way.

Deli Nature Budgie Food

Deli Nature budgie food is a specially produced and packaged food type for budgies to eat healthy. It contains 40% of egg and egg derivatives, bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, sugars, vegetable products, seeds, minerals, oils and fats.
Nutritional value components of food; 17.5% crude protein, 10% crude fat, 4% ash, 3% calcium, 3% crude fiber, 1.25% lysine, 0.43% phosphorus, 0.55% methionine, 22 gr. zinc sulfate monohydrate, 33 mg ferrous sulfate monohydrate, 5.75 mg. copper sulfate, 30 mg manganese sulfate monohydrate, 0.45 mg calcium iodine, vitamins A, E, C and D3. In order for budgerigars to eat healthily, the nutritional values determined by laboratory clinical tests are natural ingredients approved by the European Union.

Deli Nature Budgie

Deli Nature meets the daily nutritional needs of birds in the best way with the products specially prepared for budgerigars. Bird food and bird food varieties are produced with suitable features for budgies of all ages. It enables budgerigars to get through these periods in a short time with its support products for moult, estrus, spawning and breeding periods. The feathers of the budgies fed with Deli Nature are brighter and livelier, and their budgie characteristics also improve.

Deli Nature Premium Parakeet Food 1 Kg

Deli Nature Premium series budgie feed is an outstanding product produced by combining the highest quality grains and seeds. In order for budgerigars to have a healthy and balanced diet, a special mixture has been prepared by combining the freshest seeds and grains in proportions suitable for the bird’s needs. Food is cleaned from all dust and bacteria with special purification systems.

It is packaged with special packaging systems without touching. Deli Nature Premium series budgie feed, which preserves its properties for a long time without spoiling, meets the daily nutritional needs of birds in the best way.

Deli Nature Premium Budgie Feed

Deli Nature Premium series feeds contain nutrients that support the growth, development and healthy life of budgerigars. The feed, which consists of delicious grains and seeds that lovebirds eat, contributes to the longevity and health of the bird with its vitamin and mineral values.

Since the budgies, which are the joy of the houses, are fed with Deli Nature Premium feeds, they will be healthy and their budgie characteristic develops very quickly. Budgerigars have a sensitive structure, they are birds that get stressed quickly and suffer from loss of appetite. Deli Nature Premium feeds are produced with a taste that birds will love to eat even during these sensitive periods.

Deli Nature Budgie Food

Deli Nature Insect Worm Love and Budgie Food

Deli Nature insect worm food is a food supplemented with dried insects and worms in order to increase the amount of protein needed by birds. It is a type of food with plenty of protein that supports the healthy development and nutrition of budgerigars and parakeets. It contains; egg and egg derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, bakery products, various sugars, seeds, minerals, grains, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, shells and mollusks.

Deli Nature 51 Basic Budgie food

Deli Nature 51 Basic is one of the basic mixed feeds produced for budgerigars to have a healthy and balanced diet. This special mixture, prepared with first-class fresh raw materials, is packaged with a durable packaging system without human touch. It contains; yellow, white and red millet, peeled oats and safflower. It has nutritional values that will meet the daily vitamin and mineral needs of budgerigars.

Deli Nature Parrot Food

Deli Nature 67 Budgie Food

Deli Nature 67 budgie food is a quality bird food produced by combining the best seeds in the world. The feed, which is 100% natural, is dust-free and hygienic, and is packaged in special packages without human touch. It is an ideal food especially for the mating periods of budgerigars. It contains; It includes yellow, white and red millet, Japanese millet, canary seeds, yellow panicium, Niger seed, hemp and peeled oats.

Deli Nature Parrot Food

Deli Nature parrot food is a specially produced food for parrots to be fed healthy and balanced. The product, which has been clinically tested in the laboratory environment, ensures that all the vitamin and mineral needs of parrots are met. It contains nutritious products that parrots love to eat.

Deli Nature Food

Deli Nature Parakeet Food

Deli Nature Parakeet food is produced for a healthy and balanced diet of all large parakeet birds. The grains, seeds and kernels in its content are combined in the freshest way, cleaned and packaged with the latest technology devices without touching. It provides adequate nutrition by meeting the daily vitamin and mineral needs of parakets.

Deli Nature Paraket Premium

The Premium series longline food of Deli Nature, one of the most famous companies in Belgium, ensures that the parakeet birds can be fed in the best way possible. It meets the daily nutritional needs of parakets with the nutrients it contains.

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