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Funny Birds

Funny Birds is a company that offers a variety of feeds for cage birds. It produces feeds with nutritional values that meet the daily vitamin and mineral needs of birds. Funny Birds feeds have mixtures formulated in accordance with the nutritional needs of birds using first quality raw materials.

The feeds, which are packaged untouched by the latest technology devices, are packaged with special packaging systems. The feed, which maintains its freshness for a long time, is offered as ideal food for birds.

Funny Birds Bait

Funny Birds food is formulated in accordance with the feeding habits of birds. It is created by combining the selected foods in certain proportions, taking into account the characteristics and nutritional needs of cage birds. The grains and seeds to be combined in the feed are purified from all dust and bacteria with special systems and packed with 100% natural and nutritious properties.

The Funny Birds bait variety is available in a wide assortment. There are special feeds and foods for all cage birds such as budgerigars, parrots, canaries, pigeons, longhairs, goldfinches. In addition, many products such as warming and talking feeds, crackers, branch millet varieties are offered with their superior features.

Funny Birds Food

Funny Birds Food

Funny Birds Food, specially formulated for all cage birds, is a supplementary food that supports a balanced diet of birds, helps feather development and ensures that they have bright feathers. In the content of Funny Birds food; honey, egg, vegetable proteins, Niger seed, vegetable sugars and minerals.

It supports the development of the bird with its food-feeding feature, which the birds will love to eat. It is recommended to give the food separately in the feed bowl. You should not mix food with feed.

Funny Birds Budgie Food

Funny Birds budgie food is a food formulated in accordance with the nutritional habits of budgies. The feed, which is enriched with various vitamins and minerals, has content that will enable budgies to get the daily nutritional values they need.

Funny Birds Budgie Food

In the content of Funny Birds budgie feed; yellow and white millet, bird feed safflower, flaxseed, vitamin rusk. With the foods it contains, the bird gets vitamins A, E, B2, B12, K3, D3 in the best way. Budgies that have taken enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals will be healthier.

Conversation feature develops better and she starts talking more as her energy will be high. It passes the moult periods quickly and comfortably. The feathers of the bird become more vivid and bright. It passes the estrus periods without any problems and its reproductive feature becomes more efficient.

Funny Birds Branch Millet

Funny Birds branch milletis a complementary feedthat cage birds love. Packed in its pure form without being subjected to any processing in its 100% natural state, Funny Birds millet is a source of vitamins and minerals for birds.

Funny Birds Branch Millet

There are varieties of red, white and yellow branch millet. It can be served by hanging it in the bird’s cage or by placing it in its manger. Branch millet is not a sufficient food alone and should be given as a complementary food along with other mixed feeds.

Since birds love the taste of millet, they want to eat it all the time. However, it is recommended to be given as an addition to the feed 3-4 times a week for adequate nutrition.

Funny Birds Parrot Food

Funny Birds Parrot Food

Funny Birds parrot food is specially formulated for a healthy and balanced diet of parrots. It contains white and yellow millet, flaxseed, bird seed safflower, vitamins and dakato. With the vitamins A, B2, B12, E, K3, D3 in its content, it ensures that the parrots can get the vitamin values they need in the best way. It is a suitable food for all parrot breeds, both puppies and adults.

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