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Tropifit Exotic Nightingale Finch Bird Food 700 Gr

We would like to tell you about a magnificent mixture that brings together many seeds, vitamins and minerals that the exotic environment-loving finch cannot find in the natural environment. You can easily buy it online. You can have it brought to petshop stores upon special request. We may not find it everywhere like other well-known brands. Therefore, you can easily order online. It also gives you peace of mind when you order from well-known online stores.

There are more seeds, vitamins and minerals compared to other nightingale feeds specially prepared as finch nightingale feed. All the seeds that cause your birds to get enough vitamins and minerals have come together in this exotic mixture. They are collected and blended from clean ecological agricultural regions in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. We can say that the tropifit exotic nightingale bait, which has a tight package, is perhaps one of the best baits of recent times.

Tropifit Exotic Nightingale Finch Bird Food 700 Gr
Exotic nightingale feed also offers finch feather structure and the ability to adequately fulfill the strict nutritional requirements during breeding period. It is important that your birds’ feed eating habits are rich in vitamins and minerals rather than being selective, especially during the breeding period. In this context, your most important task is to increase the feed rate of your birds and to provide them with the best support. It is beneficial to keep the vitamin support you give from their water proportional to their feed. We experience many similar examples in our lives. A balanced diet and an effective solution to excessive lubrication depend on the fact that the seeds are selective, there is no lubrication, and the feather structure of your birds is brighter and more beautiful with vitamin-rich foods.

Ingredients : Yellow millet, red millet, Canary feed, Italian millet, Processed oats, Flaxseed, Hawthorn seed, Niger seed, Poppy seed, Extruded corn, Extruded wheat

Of course, only seed minerals and vitamins will not be beneficial during breeding periods, you need to prepare special foods for them. For this, you can reach our article that we have compiled for you, which is one of the local foods.

If we talk about the package size, 500 grams comes in extremely ideal sizes, and 1 kilogram increases its price. That’s why we observed 700 gram packets as ideal.

Let’s come to the analysis values of the Tropifit exotic nightingale finch bird food we have explained today;

Tropifit Exotic Nightingale Feed Analysis Results

water is the most : 11,69
Crude Protein at least : 12,3
Crude oil min-max : 3,5 – 7,5
Crude cellulose is the most : 8,55
Raw ash is the most : 3,22
Ash insoluble in HCL is the most : 0,78
NaCl / max : 0,14
Metabolic Energy at least Kcal/kg : 3100
0 0 oylar
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