Materials Used in Cage Base

What a Parrot Cage Base Should Have

You have carefully reviewed all the details of our winged friends’ cages. You also pay extreme attention to the size of the cage, the type and location of the perches, the accessibility of the feeder and drinker in the cage, the location and hygiene of the fruit-vegetables. Well, what materials do you use on the cage floor? (You can write to us in the comments section below)

The hygiene of the materials used in the cage floor is very important for the health of your parrot. As we all know, our parrots have to provide their toilet needs during the day in a cage environment. In addition, the fruits, vegetables and other foods offered to them throughout the day will form an accumulation on the bottom of the cage. Care should be taken in the selection of the materials in the lives of our dear friends.

How Should the Budgerigar Cage Underlay Be?

In parrots, defecation and urine are excreted by the same excretory system. During the day, some of this content is formed by stool and some by urine. Although urine is a sterile, microbe-free liquid, most of the stool is composed of microbes. For this reason, our parrots, which are in a closed environment such as a cage, have to live together with microbes at all times. Since parrotsare naturally keen to rummage and peck everywhere, they are more likely to come into contact with feces.

Parrot Cage Mat

What Should a Parrot Cage Base Be Like?

There are materials developed for this job. Especially those made from corn cobs are preferred because of their natural structure. There are also materials made of chemicals that will not harm parrots even if swallowed.

Quality materials to be placed on the bottom of the cage should have high absorbance, that is, absorbing the fecal content. Thus, as soon as the stool reaches the bottom, it is absorbed by this substance and its contents are trapped. Due to the antimicrobial property of the substance, the microbes in the stool are instantly destroyed and the stool is dried. Thus, infecting parrots is also prevented.

We Recommend You Use Cage Base Wire!

One of the most dangerous materials used in the cage floor is newsprint. Due to the inks they contain, they pose a great danger to our winged friends who are keen on tearing the newspapers on the base. This ink is ejected by the newsprint when wet. Oral ink causes various health problems in our parrots over time. Therefore, its use is strictly not recommended.

Friends who have used it for years will argue that they are nothing to their parrots. The point to be noted is; It is the similarity of the harm caused by chemical substances with the harm caused by cigarettes to the human body. In other words, as with cigarettes, the harm may not appear immediately. Just as this does not disprove the thesis that smoking is harmful to health, the harm of ink can be explained in this way.

Another dangerous substance is cat litter. The absorbance of cat litter is very high. Especially quality cat litters have the ability to absorb water up to 10 times their volume. If cat litter is placed on the bottom of the cage and swallowed by the parrot, it may cause irreversible damage by absorbing the liquid in its stomach. For this reason, cat litter is definitely not recommended.

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