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Deli Nature Amazonia

The feed mixture prepared for Pionus Parrot and Amazon Parrot species is called Deli Nature Amazonia. One of the biggest reasons why this feed is preferred is that it is a feed prepared with the best seeds and grains. It is used a lot in Amazon and Pionus Parrot species due to the nutrients in it.

While preparing the deli nature feed, a team of special experts was assisted. A very long study was conducted for this bait, which was prepared by experienced people. As a result of long-term work, it entered the market as a very successful feed. Recently, it has become one of the most preferred baits for Amazon and Pionus Parrot species.

Deli Nature Amazonia

Why is Deli Nature Amazonia Preferred?

It is one of the most preferred feeds for Amazon and Pionus Parrot species due to the benefits of the nutrients in it. It is offered for sale in packages of 15 kilograms. It is one of the feeds available on various internet pages and veterinarians. Amazon and Pionus Parrots consume plenty of fruit when they are in their natural habitat. For this reason, Deli Nature Amazonia feed contains 10 percent fruit extract. These fruits consist of raisins, apples and bananas.

Because it is the favorite fruit of Amazon and Pionus parrots, they love to consume this food. Since it contains 12 percent protein, it is an extremely effective feed for parrots. It also contains 14 percent crude oil, 5 percent crude ash, 13 percent crude fiber and plenty of minerals. The feed content is extremely beneficial. For this reason, it has become one of the most preferred parrot baits.

Deli Nature Amazonia - Premium Food for Amazon and Pionus Parrots 2 KG

What is the Content of Deli Nature Amazonia Feed?

Deli Nature Amazonia is one of the special foods developed by experts for parrots. It contains fruits consisting of 10 percent raisins, bananas and apples. It also contains ingredients such as wheat, sunflower seeds, canara seeds, apple pieces, Japanese millet, hot pepper, papaya, sorghum, yellow millet, oats, carrot pieces, dried banana slices, rosehip, thistle, safflower and barley. These feedstuffs are feedstuffs with a very high fat and protein content. It also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.

For this reason, it is highly preferred. It is a feed containing 14% fat and 13% protein. The fruits and fruit flavors in the feed make it a very attractive bait for Amazon and Pionus Parrots. It is possible to obtain food from our website and veterinary clinics. This feed, which has been obtained with researches and long studies, has an extremely successful content.

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