Polo Bait

Polo feed is a quality and healthy type of feed for cage birds. Special feedsare offered for cage birds such as budgerigars, canaries, parrots and parakeets. Formulated in accordance with the natural nutritional habits of birds, Polo feed has all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that the bird needs. The feeds produced with first quality raw materials are packaged untouched by hand in the latest technology facilities. With special packaging systems, it is ensured to stay at the same freshness for a long time.

Polo Budgerigar food 25 Kg.

Polo budgerigar food is also offered in a large 25 kg package. It is an ideal type of feed especially for those who have more than one bird or for budgerigar producers. All grains and seeds used in budgerigar feed are first quality and freshly blended. It is purified from all dust and bacteria and packed with a special packaging system without human touch. It is a feed that can be consumed with the same freshness for a long time.

Polo Budgerigar food 400 Gr

Polo Budgerigar food 400 Gr.

Polo budgie food is also available in 400 gr packages. It is suitable for those who have one budgie. It is a quality feed with the nutritional values that the budgerigar needs daily. It provides adequate and balanced nutrition for the budgerigar in accordance with its own nature. The feed, which is produced by blending quality grains and seeds, is presented in special airtight packages.

Polo Budgerigar Food

Polo Budgerigar Food

Polo budgie food provides budgies to have a healthy and balanced diet. It is produced with various grains and seeds in accordance with the natural feeding habits of budgerigars. There are plain and fruity and honeyed varieties of Polo budgerigar food. Different species can be preferred for the food variety of the bird. Polo budgie feed contains; millet varieties, flaxseed and canary feed. Feed analysis values; It is in the form of 8% protein, 4.5% fat, 8% cellulose and 3.2% inorganic matter. It is recommended that the bait be given fresh daily at the rate of 10 grams, ie 1 tablespoon.

Polo Budgerigar food 25 Kg

Polo Professional Mixed Budgerigar food 25 Kg.

Polo professional mixed budgerigar food is offered in 25 Kg big packages. This feed, which is an ideal product for professional budgerigar breeders, ensures the rapid development and health of budgies with its rich content. It contains; white millet, canary feed, red millet, peeled oats, yellow millet, flaxseed, black millet, CaCo3, wild seeds, calcium granules, Niger seed and vitamin pellets. The feed, which has a very rich content, is a complete feed that provides maximum benefit for budgies.

Polo Cockatoo Food

Polo cockatiel food ensures that cockatiels can be fed in the best way in accordance with their natural feeding habits. It has all the minerals, vitamins and nutritional values that sultan parrots need. In the content of polo cockatiel parrot feed; seed varieties, safflower, flaxseed, millet varieties and canary feed. Analysis values; 9.6% protein, 7.4% fat, 2.8% inorganic matter, 9% crude fiber. It is a very healthy feed for sultan parrots with its content and values. It is recommended to be given as fresh in the amount of 15-20 grams, ie 1-2 tablespoons daily. Fresh water must be given with the feed.

Polo Cockatoo Food

Polo Paraket Feed

Polo parakeet feed is offered in special packages by blending first quality fresh grains and seeds for a healthy and balanced nutrition of longline birds. In the content of polo parakeet feed; yellow, white, red and black millet, flaxseed, seed varieties, safflower and canary seed. It is mixed with certain measures in accordance with longevity birds.

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