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Forpus Parrot Food

Forpus parrots are a type of bird that feeds on small seeds and bird food, just like love parrots. Being quieter to cockatiel and lovebirds, this parrot species has recently increased in popularity and has become one of the most preferred birds that can be fed in the home environment.

Forpus Parrot Food

Forpus parrots, which need to consume approximately 12 grams of feed every day, should reach these feeds from a clean container. There are feed types with special content that will make the feathers look healthy and shiny. These parrot species are a species that eats during their waking hours, and they always need fresh water.

What Does the Forpus Parrot Eat?

The remaining empty bait shells should be regularly removed from the bait containers and the bait door should always be kept hygienic. The nutritional values that increase the quality of life of your Forpus parrot are:

  • Niger seed 5%
  • Yellow millet 32%
  • Red millet 10%
  • White sunflower seeds 3%
  • Black rapeseed 4%
  • Peeled oats 9%
  • Wheat 5%
  • Peanuts without shell
  • White millet 4%
  • Hemp %4
  • Linen 3%
  • safflower 9%
  • Rice paddy 2.5%
  • Japanese millet 1%
  • Unshelled Sunflower Seeds 6%
  • Aspirin 5%
  • Vegetables 1.5%

forpus parrot food

Special Food Recipe for Forpus Parrot with Plenty of Protein

  • 30 flour worms (you can find them easily in pet shops)
  • 3 tablespoons of ready-made food
  • 1 tablespoon of rice flour
  • 1 tablespoon of cornmeal
  • 1 carrot
  • outer shell of 4 eggs

Add enough water to not be too runny. After mixing with the mixer, our delicious protein-rich food is ready to serve.

Since forpus parrots, which are very popular, do not like to break very large seeds, you should offer the seeds to such parrots as small grains. You can find the basic mixes you use for parrots in this group at pet shops or online-based sales points.

In general, parrot food is a mixture of various seeds that do not consist of very hard parts, and they do not actually contain sunflower seeds. For Forpus parrots, the high oil ratio of sunflower on the seeds is harmful.

forpus parrot food

This may cause the birds to become fat, resulting in their death. On the other hand, this situation can lead to some mating problems, liver damage and posture disorders in females in the future in forpus parrots.

What Does the Forpus Parrot Eat?

If you own a forpus parrot, you should know that your bird’s diet is similar to that of budgerigars. At the same time, forpus parrots can consume different foods compared to budgerigars. The first thing that people who want to feed such parrots are most curious about is their diet. The most preferred feeds for those who want to feed on Forpus parrots are suitable feeds for budgies. In addition, many people feed their parrots with kernels. Other foods enjoyed by this parrot species are:

  • apple and pear
  • Vegetables
  • Orange peel
  • Nuts types

Forpus parrot species are very happy to chew for their beaks, especially when consuming food. Therefore, a cage with trees during their care is very important for the health of these birds’ beaks. While feeding this type of parrot, it is also important to pay attention to some details during the feeding and forpus parrot care stage.

If this parrot species, which is very playful and curious, wakes up in the morning and does not eat at all, you should try to feed it by hand. Again, if you come across that you ate feed a long time ago at night, you can try to feed it by hand. If you are not afraid of being bitten, you can give your bird a sprig of millet as possible by hand. You can also give these parrots cannabis made from parakeet bait.

At the same time, if you extract oats or seeds, they will eat it with pleasure. With these foods you give between your two fingers, your bird will both be satisfied and get used to your hand. In addition, you should use slow and calm movements during water and feed changes. Responding to a biting parrot can reinforce this move more.

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