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Budgie Feed Recommendation

For budgerigars, there are feeds consisting of various grains and seeds. Mixed feeds are preferred so that the bird can take the vitamins and minerals it needs and feed it healthily. Quality feeds packaged untouched by different brands are the best. Some brands stand out especially in budgerigar feeds. Among them, you can see brands such as Versele Laga, Harrison’s, Bravo302, Tropifit, Garden Mix, VitakraftAustralian. These feeds, which are used and satisfied by budgerigar owners, are healthy foods approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Parrot Food Brands

Best Budgie Food 2021

Research and reviews in search of the best budgie food highlight packaged bird food from certain brands. The brands that are shown as the best budgies in 2021 are the feeds that allow the bird to eat and grow healthily. Budgerigarfeeds from major brands such as Versele Laga, Tropifit, Harrison’s are shown as the best feed. These feeds, which carry the nutritional values the bird needs, also have feed types suitable for use at different times, such as feeds used as daily food, baby bird feeds, estrus feeds, feeds used during disease periods, feeds used during molting period.

Vitakraft Bait 1000 GR

Harrison’s Bait

Harrison’s is one of the best budgie foods. Harrison’s feed, which has the highest quality bird feed awards in the world, is 100% natural and does not contain GMOs. It contains all the vitamins and minerals that the bird needs. Budgerigars fed this food become healthier and more energetic. Because it is in the seeds that give energy. Harrison’s bird feed, which birds like very much as a flavor, is produced by passing laboratory tests in special environments. This feed, which is not produced in our country, is imported from abroad.

Versele Laga Parakeet Food

Versele Laga is one of the best quality budgerigar food. It offers a special blend of colorful seeds and grains with vitamin and mineral additives. The feed, which attracts the attention of the bird with its colorful appearance, is very tasty and nutritious. The feed includes yellow and red millet, canary seeds, peeled oats and Niger seeds. These seeds, which are very healthy foods for birds, allow the bird to grow and develop fast, while keeping its feathers bright and lively. Versele Laga budgie food, which is offered in special zippered packages, stays the same freshness until it is finished.

Versele Laga Budgie Feed

Tropifit Budgie Food

Tropifit budgie feed is a quality feed that has all the nutritional values that the bird needs. Tropifit, one of the highest quality bird feeds, has a flavor that birds love to eat. It consists of natural seeds with the value of vitamins and minerals that ensure the healthy growth and development of the bird. Tropifit content; It contains yellow and red millet, Italian millet, canary fodder, processed oats, extruded corn, hemp seeds, extruded wheat, juniper seeds, hemp seeds and black sunflower seeds.

Tropifit Budgie Bait

Budgerigar Feed Change

Budgerigarsare selective and sensitive creatures when it comes to food. For this reason, you may have some difficulty in changing the feed. Budgerigars, who immediately realize that they are giving another feed instead of the feed they used to taste, may not eat the new feed for a while. For this reason, it is beneficial to make feed changes gradually. First, mix the new bait with the old bait little by little and make a transition every day by increasing it a little more. Thus, it will be much easier for her to accept and eat the new bait.

Does Paraket Oath Eat Budgies?

Does Paraket Oath Eat Budgies?

Paraket food is a type of bird food produced for parrots. Since budgerigars are also in the parrot family, if you get them used to it, they will eat parakeet baits. The acclimatization process can be a little difficult, but if you gradually introduce it with the bait that she is used to, she will get used to it. Paraket feed content; yellow and red millet, pumpkin seeds, saffron seeds, peeled oats, black radish, peeled sunflower seeds, flax seeds, millet, Japanese millet, Niger seeds, vitamins and minerals. It is a very nutritious and healthy meal.

Bravo 302 Bird Bait

Bravo 302 is a healthy and nutritious feed for budgies. Among the best bird feeds, Bravo b302 includes; yellow, white and red millet, safflower, flax seed, Niger seed, hemp seed. Bravo b302, which contains all the vitamins and minerals that the bird needs, contains plenty of calcium, sodium and phosphorus.

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