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Vitakraftproduces feed and food, various supplementary foodstuffs and care products for various pets and caged birds. It offers products specially formulated for all types of poultry for a healthy and balanced diet of birds. The products offered by clinical tests in a laboratory environment in its state-of-the-art facilities are of high quality and healthy. It is developed as various mixtures with first quality raw materials.

Vitakraft Bait

Vitakraft feedprovides adequate and balanced nutrition for cage birds such as budgerigars, parrots and parakeet birds. It also offers a variety of food for many pets such as cats, dogs, aquarium fish. Vitakraft feeds are specially developed and formulated for all kinds of animals. The feeds, which are suitable for the natural eating habits of the animals, have a taste that your little friends will love to eat.

How is Vitakraft Feed?

Vitakraft feed provides a healthy and balanced diet with its vitamins, minerals, amino acids and all nutritional values. First quality foodstuffs are carefully selected fresh. First quality foodstuffs are carefully selected fresh. Products are packed untouched by technological devices and special packaging systems.

Vitakraft Bait 1000 Gr.

Vitakraftfeed is presented in packages of various weights. The 1000 gr. feed is in a weight that will allow your animal friends to eat healthy for a while. The feed, which is packed with a special packaging system, has the feature of preserving its freshness for a long time.

Vitakraft Feed Review

Vitakraft Feed Review

It is seen that animal owners are very satisfied in Vitakraft feed comments. It is that the feed ensures healthy nutrition of animal friends and does not cause problems such as lubrication, weight, indigestion and vomiting. Commentators say that the animals they feed with Vitakraft feed are more energetic, their feathers are more lively and shiny. Users are also very satisfied with the durability and protection of Vitakraft feed packages.

How is Vitakraft Budgerigar Food?

How is Vitakraft Budgerigar Food?

Vitakraft budgie feedis a 100% natural feed prepared in accordance with the bird’s natural eating habits. It is a healthy feed type that provides adequate and balanced nutrition for budgerigars. It is a flavor that birds love to eat. All the grains and seeds in its content are carefully selected as fresh and cleaned from dust and bacteria and prepared as a special mixture. It has all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritional values that the budgerigar needs.

Vitakraft Parakeet Sand

Vitakraft Budgie Sand

Vitakraft budgerigar sand is a round grained bird sand with the addition of charcoal and mussel shell. Sand, which has extremely absorbent properties, is 100% hygienic. With the addition of calcium carbonate and mussel shell in its content, it contains the trace element needed by budgerigars at the maximum level. It provides the best digestion by supporting the digestive system of the bird with its special bird charcoal. The round bird sand does not spoil the feather beauty of the budgerigars. It is recommended to sprinkle inside the cage every day to protect the health of your bird.

Vitakraft Budgie Food 1KG

Vitakraft Budgie Feed 1 Kg.

Vitakraft budgie feed is also available in 1 Kg packages. It is a special feed that is a mixture of the foods that lovebirds love to eat in their natural life. It has vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritional values that the bird needs. It strengthens the bone structure of the bird with its calcium content. The feed, which ensures the regular functioning of the digestive system, does not cause indigestion, vomiting, lubrication and weight problems.

In the content of Vitakraft budgie feed; plant derivatives consisting of alfalfa, oats, flowers, wheat and canola, cereals consisting of wheat, corn, oats and barley, vegetable varieties such as peas, carrots and soy, minerals, oil yucca extract and various seeds. All ingredients are carefully selected products in their freshest form. It is mixed with certain proportions for adequate and balanced nutrition of budgerigars.

Users of Vitakraft Budgerigar Feed

Users of Vitakraft Budgerigar Feed

People who use Vitakraft budgie food are very satisfied. They say that their little friends are more energetic and healthy when they start using this bait. They explain that their bird’s plumage has become more vibrant and shiny.

They emphasize that the bird loves to eat and they do not have an appetite problem. With its rich content, it is very pleasing to the users that it offers nutritional richness to the birds. They also state that they are very satisfied with the way of packaging, fast shipping and price.

Vitakraft Budgie Food

Vitakraft Budgie Food

Vitakraft budgerigar feed is a feed that provides healthy and balanced nutrition for birds with its rich content and nutritional values. It is a complete feed that has all the minerals, vitamins and nutritional values that budgies need. It is a superior type of feed that provides maximum benefit to birds. Vitakraft, one of the most well-known bird feed brands, supports the physiological and biological structure of birds with this feed specially formulated for budgies.

Vitakraft Budgie Feed

Vitakraft Budgie Feed

Vitakraft budgie feed increases the performance and energy of the bird with its rich content. The beta glucan in its content increases the immunity of the bird and enables it to gain resistance against diseases. With this feed, your bird will not get sick often and will be healthier. Its special mixture of carefully selected nutrients ensures that birds live a quality life by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Vitakraft Budgie Feed 500 Gr.

Vitakraft budgie feed offers an ideal use for those who have one budgie with its 500 gr. package. This bird food is a specially formulated feed after clinical tests in a laboratory environment. The analysis and component values prove that it contains all the nutritional values that budgerigars need. It is a type of feed that bird owners can feed their mink friends with peace of mind.

Vitakraft Budgie Feed Content

Vitakraftbudgie feed Contains; As cereals, there are wheat, corn, oat barley, plant-derived oats, canola, flowers, wheat, alfalfa, as vegetables, soy, peas, carrots, oil yucca extract, seeds and minerals. Vitakraft feed, which has a very rich content compared to other budgie feeds, provides the bird with the best nutrition. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritional values.

Vitakraft Bait 1000 GR

Vitakraft Budgie Feed 1000 Gr.

Vitakraft budgerigar feed is also offered in packages of 1000 gr. The feed packed with a special packaging system is suitable for feeding your little friend for a while, as it keeps its freshness until the expiration date. It is also ideal for people with more than one bird. Budgerigar owners, who are very satisfied with using Vitakraft feed, prefer 1000 Kg feed. The feed, which is more affordable than small packages, is preferred because it will feed the bird for a long time.

Vitakraft Parakeet Feed Reviews

Vitakraft budgie reviews are quite positive. Bird owners, who prefer this feed for their birds to feed, state that they are very satisfied with its quality. They say that they are very satisfied with its richer content and packaging compared to other bird foods.

Vitakraft Cockatiel Food

Vitakraft cockatiel food provides a balanced and healthy diet for parrots. The first quality fresh grains, seeds, seeds, vegetables and fruits in its content ensure that the cockatiels can be fed adequately and in a balanced way.

Vitakraft Bait 1000 GR

Vitakraft Paraket Feed

Vitakraft longline feed is a nutritious feed that the long-lived birds, whose homeland is Australia, love to eat with its content suitable for their natural eating habits. It contains; goat cactus flower, safflower, eucalyptus, wild seeds and aromatic fruits.

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