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Forpus Parrot Prices

The homeland of forpus parrots, which is very similar to the budgerigar, is South America. These parrot species are very easy to care for and they are in the small parrot class. Forpus parrots are parrots with a length of approximately between 10 and 14 cm. The weight of these very popular birds varies between 23 and 30 g.

It is a very popular and popular parrot species in Turkey. This highly demanded bird species has 7 subspecies. The natural colors of the forpus parrot, which is a bird species that attracts attention with the beauty of the colors it carries, are green and blue. However, it is possible to see them in different colors as they have been mutated by various kinds of studies. In particular, it is possible to come across this species in various shades of blue, green and yellow.

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Forpus Parrot Price

The prices of this lovely bird species are among the most curious subjects of those who want to buy the forpus parrot, which is a very popular bird species. You can find Forpus parrots by contacting the producers at online sales points. On the other hand, it is possible to come across this parrot species in pet shops. The price of a forpus parrot differs according to the parrot’s age, sex, and various other characteristics.

However, the price of forpus parrots, which are puppies, generally varies between $200 and $750. The cost of forpus parrots, which can be called breeding, varies between $200 and $800. The forpus parrot, which is in the class of small parrots, is between 11 and 15 cm on average.

Forpus Parrot Blue Price

Forpus Parrot Blue Price

The forpus parrot, whose name we have heard more often recently, is a bird species that has become increasingly common in our country. Forpus parrots are divided into 7 subspecies: blue-winged, Mexican, green-backed, spectacled, pacific, yellow-faced and dark-billed. The closeness of these birds to people, their affectionate and curious behavior are the most important features of them.

Forpus parrots can live up to 20 years on average. It is possible to see them together with many colors. Especially yellow, blue and green represent the main color of this parrot species. On the other hand, it is a very intelligent bird species.

Forpus Parrot Prices 2021

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Standing out as the smallest parrot species in the world, forpus parrots do not make any sounds unlike other bird species. Owners of this bird often do not say that they are dealing with problems such as dandruff and feathers. These birds are a very interesting and curious species. After they get used to their owners, they fall in love with their owners and become jealous of their owners from other people. Especially her imitation skills are very good. Although they cannot be said to be successful in speaking, they can learn dozens of words when given a good education.

Forpus Parrot Price

Forpus Parrot Prices 2021

Forpus parrots can be a little difficult to care for. The reason for this is that these species cannot get used to the cage environment comfortably. It is recommended that people looking to look in pairs. Because this species is a species that is fond of its wives. On the other hand, keeping forpus parrots in large cages would be a better option. If you want to buy a forpus parrot, you should buy cages that are at least 3 or 4 times larger than their wingspan.

Forpus Price

On the other hand, putting special parrot toys in their cages makes it easier for them to get used to it. Although it is not very compatible with other birds, it draws a very harmonious image with its mate. The beak of this parrot species, which has an average price between $200 and $750, is red. It is recommended that you look at each cage as a single pair. On the other hand, such parrots can be seen in color combinations or have a single color.


  • YEŞİL & GREEN - 200₺

  • MAVİ & BLUE - 250₺


  • PIED BLUE & GREEN - 350₺

  • GREY - 350₺

  • COBALT - 350 ₺


  • GREEN & BLUE FALLOW - 350₺

  • BLUE MARBLE - 350₺

  • COBALT MARBLE - 400₺

  • PIED BLUE & GREEN - 400₺



  • MAUVE - 500₺

  • ALBINO & LUTINO - 500₺

  • MAUVE PIED - 600₺

  • MAUVE MARBLE - 600₺

  • MAUVE FALLOW - 750₺

  • OLIVE - 750₺

Breeder(7 months and above)

  • YEŞİL & GREEN - 250₺

  • MAVİ & BLUE - 300₺


  • PIED BLUE & GREEN - 400₺

  • GREY - 400₺

  • COBALT - 400₺


  • GREEN & BLUE FALLOW - 400₺

  • BLUE MARBLE - 400₺

  • COBALT MARBLE - 450₺

  • PIED BLUE & GREEN - 450₺



  • MAUVE - 550₺

  • ALBINO & LUTINO - 800₺

  • MAUVE PIED - 550₺

  • MAUVE MARBLE - 650₺

  • MAUVE FALLOW - 650₺

  • OLIVE - 800₺

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