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Garden Mix

Garden Mix produces quality bird food varieties that enable cage birds to have a healthy and balanced diet. It offers feeds with different features that allow birds to get the vitamins and minerals they need. Specially formulated feeds for birds of all ages and races are suitable for the bird’s birth habits.

Garden Mix parrot food is carefully prepared with selected seeds and grains and various vitamin and mineral additives. Foods that are clinically tested in the laboratory are healthy products that are easy to digest. The packaging process is carried out untouched by human hands in state-of-the-art facilities in European standards. Special packaging systems are used to maintain the same freshness and properties of the feed for a long time.

Garden Mix Bait

Garden Mix Bait is a complete feed with all the nutritional values that cage birds need. The feed content is formulated in accordance with the age and breed of the bird. Special feeds are available for all cage birds such as budgerigars, parrots, parakeets, canaries, goldfinches and pigeons.

Garden Mix, which has a wide range of products, offers nutritional supplements such as crackers, millet varieties, stimulant and talker feeds as well as bird feeds. All feeds and food supplements are produced with 100% natural first quality raw materials. The raw material, which is purified from all bacteria and dust by passing through purifiers, is packaged with special systems without human touch.

Garden Mix Branch Millet

Garden Mix branch millet is a nutritional supplement that adds variety to the diet of birds. There are yellow, red and white millet varieties. Garden Mix millet has high carbohydrate and low fat content. Gluten-free millet varieties are healthy food for birds. Being a rich source of trace elements and B vitamins, millet contributes to the healthy life of the bird.
Millet, which is eaten by cage birds, is not a complete food source alone, but should be given as supplementary food several times a week along with mixed feeds. You can serve it by taking it into the cage or putting it in the feeder. It is ideal for adding variety to the feeding habits by preventing the bird from getting bored with a uniform diet.

Garden Mix Branch Millet

With its smell and taste of branch millet, it is an additional food that is suitable for the palate of all cage birds. Garden Mix millet varieties are presented in special packages with their natural and fresh features without being subjected to any processing.

Garden Mix Budgie Food

Garden Mix budgie food is formulated with selected grains, seeds, minerals and vitamins in accordance with the nutritional habits of budgies. There are many types of budgerigar food. There are plain feeds created by blending only grains and seeds, as well as feeds enriched with various fruits, vitamin and mineral supplements. Fruity and honeyed budgerigar feeds with the addition of honey not only ensure that the bird receives more vitamins and minerals, but also allow the bird to eat more with its unique flavor. By choosing the feed that suits your bird’s taste, you can ensure that it is fed better.

Garden Mix Budgie Feed 1 Kg.

Garden Mix budgerigar feed can be offered in 1 kg packages, as well as in packages with more or less weight. You can choose the size package suitable for your bird’s diet. In the content of Garden Mix budgie feed; yellow, red and white millet varieties, safflower, linseed, canary fodder, rapissa and rapeseed. A special mixture is prepared by blending all these grains and seeds in proportions suitable for the nutritional needs of budgerigars. Garden Mix budgie food is offered after clinical tests in a laboratory environment. Feed analysis values; 10.4% crude protein, 8.9% crude fiber, 8% moisture, 6.6% crude oil, 3.6% crude ash. With its nutritional values, it provides a healthy and balanced diet for budgies.

Garden Mix Honey Budgerigar Food

Garden Mix honey budgie feed is an ideal feed that meets the daily nutritional values ​​needed by budgies. Having honey adds energy and vitality to the bird. With the taste of honey, it opens the appetite of budgerigars and provides more efficient forage. Honey is a very useful food source for budgies as well as for humans.

Garden Mix Budgie Food

The vitamins, minerals and other nutritional values in honey ensure that the bird has a healthier body. The feathers of the budgerigars fed with honeyed budgerigar food are more vivid and bright, their speech develops faster and there is no problem of weight gain or fat because they are energetic.

How Is Garden Mix Budgerigar Food?

For those who ask how the Garden Mix budgie is, we can say that it is one of the best world-famous bird food brands. Garden Mix, an award-winning bird feed brand, stands out with its facilities at European standards, state-of-the-art equipment and the use of the highest quality and fresh first quality raw materials.

Garden Mix Parakeet Food Users

It continues its work with years of experience and customer satisfaction-oriented working principles. Positive comments of bird owners for Garden Mix bird feeds prove the brand quality.

Garden Mix Budgie Food Users

Those who use Garden Mix budgie food are very satisfied. Reviews on various platforms show that users are getting very positive results. Bird owners say that when they feed their little friends with Garden Mix, their birds have a very healthy and dynamic structure. They emphasize that with this feed, the feathers of their birds look brighter and more lively, their loveliness increases and they become more talkative.

Garden Mix Budgie Food Review

When you look at the Garden Mix budgie comment content, you will see that positive comments are made. Those who choose Garden Mix bird food to feed their budgerigars emphasize that their birds are more lively and active and their song has changed.

How Is Garden Mix Parrot Food?

They state that they do not have problems such as indigestion and vomiting. They explain that the bird loves to eat Garden Mix food and does not have an appetite problem. It is one of the satisfactory comments that it reached in a short time with a fast shipping.

Garden Mix Baby Parakeet Food

Garden Mix baby budgerigar food is a specially formulated food for baby budgies that allows newborn birds to get used to eating food. In it; yellow, red, black and millet varieties, safflower, Niger seeds, conditioning seeds and oat seeds.

These grains and seeds in its content are blended in appropriate proportions for baby birds to prepare a special mixture. Analysis component values of feed content; 9.7% crude protein, 7.5% crude fiber, 3.8% crude oil, 2.7% crude ash. With these component values, it ensures the development and growth of baby budgies in the best way.

Garden Mix Cockatiel Food

Garden Mix Cockatiel Food

Garden Mix cockatiel food is a special food that provides the nutritional values ​​needed by cockatiels. The feed enriched with protein and vitamins strengthens the immune system of sultan parrots. It contains; mixed sunflower seeds, canary feed, wheat, yellow, white and red millet varieties, buckwheat, hemp seeds, saffron seeds, sorghum, amivite seeds, sugar, egg and egg products, minerals, animal and vegetable oils and oyster shells.

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