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Vitapol produces quality and healthy feeds for cage birds such as budgies, parrots, parakeets and canaries. It formulates special mix feeds considering the foods that cage birds feed in their natural habitats. First quality raw materials are carefully selected as fresh. Toz bakterilerinden arındırılan tahıl ve tohumlar çeşitli vitamin ve mineral içerek gıdalar ile harmanlanarak üstün besin değerlerine sahip bileşenler elde edilir.

vitapol parrot food

Feeds with all the nutritional values that cage birds need are produced. These feeds are packaged untouched by special packaging systems. Packaging systems designed to keep the feed fresh until the expiration date are used. Cage birds fed with Vitapol feed have strong bones and immune system, their feathers are lively and bright, energetic and active. These are specially formulated feeds for the development of the physiological and biological structure of poultry.

vitapol parakeet food

Vitapol Budgie Food

Vitapol budgie feed is a quality and healthy feed suitable for the natural eating habits of budgies. It ensures adequate and balanced nutrition of the bird. The easily digestible feed does not cause problems such as indigestion, vomiting, lubrication and obesity. It makes the beautiful feathers of budgerigars look more lively and bright.

With the vitamins and minerals in its content, it ensures that the budgerigar’s bones and immune system are strong. Birds fed with Vitapol feed do not get sick often and become more energetic. Budgerigars are very sensitive birds and do not like and eat every bait. However, Vitapol feed is a feature that all birds love to eat with its unique taste. It allows the bird to pass difficult periods such as shedding, estrus and stress more comfortably and quickly.

vitapol budgie food

Vitapol budgerigar in feed; white millet, canary seed, yellow millet, flaxseed, red millet, hulled oats, safflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds, peanuts, black sunflower seeds, white sorghum, Niger seeds, red sorghum and bread products. All the food ingredients in it are carefully selected and blended as fresh. It is recommended to be given with fresh water every day. It is a complete feed that will meet all the nutritional needs of the budgerigar on a daily basis.

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