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Exovit is a world-renowned brand that produces quality feeds for various animals and caged birds. In the field of pet foods, it offers a variety of feeds with quality assurance at European standards. Exovit, which has a wide product range, offers many products such as mineral blocks, beak stones, crackers, millet branch options, in addition to feed and food for cage birds, in quality standards.

There are special types of feed for birds of all ages and races. In addition, there are feeds with additives that allow birds to pass their special periods such as molting, estrus, reproduction, stress, and speaking more quickly and comfortably. The feeds, which are formulated as bird-specific mixtures with first quality 100% natural raw materials, provide healthy and balanced nutrition.

Exovit Food

Exovit Food

There are many Exovit feed options and you can find the products your bird needs with Exovit quality assurance. The feeds produced in accordance with the natural feeding habits of caged birds are packaged untouched in facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

After the seeds and grains in the feed are purified from all dust and bacteria with special purifiers, the packaging process is started. In order to keep the same freshness for a long time, packaging is done with a special packaging system.

Exovit feed is quality and healthy as well as delicious feeds that birds love to eat in terms of taste and smell. This type of feed, which the bird loves to eat, also provides the best way to get the vitamins and minerals it needs. It offers a healthy and balanced diet.

Exovit Parakeet Feed

Exovit Parakeet Feed

Exovit parakeet food is specially formulated for balanced and healthy nutrition of long line birds. Carefully selected cereals are 100% natural products with high nutritional value. It contains all the nutritional values that parakeets need.

In the content of Exovit parakeet feed; yellow and red millet, kernels, wheat, flaxseed, hemp, peeled oats, canary seed (seed) and bird biscuits. These grains and seeds in its content are mixed in the proportions needed by the longlines to ensure a balanced and healthy diet of the bird. Nutritional values and percentages are determined by taking into consideration the nutritional habits of long-line birds.

Exovit Budgie Food

Exovit Budgie Food

Exovit budgie feed is a feed that provides a healthy and balanced diet by meeting all the vitamin and mineral needs of budgies. It is a complete feed containing all nutritional values in accordance with the natural feeding habits of budgerigars. There are different varieties produced for baby budgies and adult budgies.

There are also additive feeds specially formulated for the bird’s special times such as estrus, breeding, moulting, talking. In the content of Exovit budgie feed; There are flaxseed, yellow, red and white millet varieties, Niger seed, peeled oats, wheat, canary seed, safflower seed and bird biscuit. These grains and seeds, mixed with the appropriate percentages for the needs of the budgerigars, ensure that the bird can be fed perfectly.

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