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Things to Know About Nutrition

Important topics to know about nutrition in psittakin birds (budgie, crooked-billed birds and parrots) fed as pets are as follows:

Budgerigars, small, medium and large parrots generally feed mainly on seeds. In addition, those who roam freely in the house inevitably eat all kinds of food that their owners eat. Sometimes they consume the same kind of food with the family. In this type of nutrition, besides the various beneficial substances that enter the bird’s body, there are also substances that cannot be digested and utilized in the body. When this practice continues for a while, the substances used or not used in the body cause wear in various organs and some pathological changes as a reaction in the tissues.

What you need to know about nutrition

The deficiencies of the substances necessary for the healthy development and functioning of the body and the excess of some substances should be known in those who are fed with seed-based food.

The importance of balanced diets in nutrition should be realized.

The consequences of vitamin A deficiency in nutrition must be known, and the diet that causes it, the disorders that occur and the prevention or treatment methods of vitamin A deficiency must be known.

What you need to know about nutrition

What Do Parrots Eat and Drink?

The diet that leads to the formation of vitamin E and selenium deficiency should be known. It is necessary to know the symptoms caused by the deficiency. It should be informed about the prevention of the emergence of this disorder and the treatment of the disorders that occur.

They should be aware of the practices that cause calcium and vitamin D deficiencies in birds and the precautions to be taken to prevent these deficiencies should be known. Clinical findings and treatment methods in deficiencies should be known.

What you need to know about nutrition

Excessive weight gain in pet birds causes important health problems as in all living things. For this reason, obesity should not be allowed in birds, and the situation should be tried to be eliminated with certain diets and exercises in obese birds.

Main Basic Foods of Pet Birds:

What you need to know about nutrition

Seed-Based Diet

Seed-based diet is a food deficient in calcium, vitamin A, iodine and some amino acids. There are two types of seeds. In the first type, since starch is abundant, it is rich in carbohydrates and poor in protein. The second type is oilseeds. Foods high in energy and protein.

What you need to know about nutrition

Pellet Foods

Although it seems to be very useful logically, feed means complete separation from the natural environment in terms of physical and taste, and the reactions of birds to them and the adaptation of their digestive systems still remain as important problems.

What you need to know about nutrition

Food Supplements

Since most pet birds roam freely at home, they involuntarily take many foods that people consume. There are no comprehensive and controlled studies on what these bring to their bodies and what causes them.

What you need to know about nutrition

Substances and foods that are forbidden to be given or contacted

Chocolate, sweets, alcohol, fats, excessive amounts of eggs, sunflower seeds alone are not suitable foods and diets.

  • Grinding sand-like substances are called psittacin. Parrots do not need to buy objects that will serve as grinders, taking into account the food they eat. However, sand and similar objects are sufficient to serve as two pieces of grinder once a month. Excess sand can cause intestinal burns and blockages.

What you need to know about nutrition

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