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Wheat Germination Apparatus

SeedGermination Rules; One of the healthiest foods for your birds is to sprout, germinate and give them the seeds in their main feed, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

Due to the fact that the sprouted or germinated seed is prone to fungal formation in a short time and has the risk of spoiling quickly, it has caused many discussions among experts. The important thing is the care and attention to be shown during the preparation and protection of the seeds. In this regard, all risks are gathered in this area.
Wheat Germination Apparatus
Europe solved this situation most easily by producing simple machines. But there, too, seed germination or sprouting processes are carried out in the classical way.

The first thing to know is which seeds are prone to germination or germination. Sprouting oats or ready-to-sprout seed mixes are sold in many pet stores in Europe. However, it is not common for us to find such domestic products in the sector yet.

To list a few that can be found easily in our country and are also found in your birds’ feeds;

  • white millet
  • wild artichoke seeds
  • canary food
  • buckwheat
  • Arabian millet
  • Buckwheat
  • Shelled and unshelled oats
  • Sorghum bicolor seed
  • Sorgum ssp. seed
  • niger seed
  • flaxseed
  • Unshelled raw rice
  • raw oats
  • Soybean
  • Wheat
  • sweetcorn
  • Sunflower seeds (White, black and striped)
  • mung bean
  • Barley
  • Chickpeas
  • Haricot bean
  • Peas (dried)
  • Red lentil

Seed Germination Materials and Seeds

Another point to know about this ordering is that you should determine the seeds according to the bird species we feed before doing the process. Large and medium species love to eat them all. But the benefits of germinated wheat for budgieswould be to choose smaller seeds, which is recommended for smaller species such as budgerigars.

Again, it should be noted that; The main rule is to germinate wheat with cottonor to sprout according to hygiene rules, no matter which seed you choose.

Sprouting Process (Filter Method)

You can easily adjust the seeds given above in the appropriate amount yourself, which are suitable for your pet. If you have a maximum of two birds at home, our advice to you is to arrange the seeds in the form of one or two tablespoons.

Put the suitable ones you have chosen for canary wheat germination benefits in a kitchen wire strainer and wash them thoroughly under running water.

Fill a deep container with water (normal clear water) into which the strainer can easily fit and place your strainer in it with the seeds. If you don’t have a deep bowl of this size, it’s okay to take the seeds out of the strainer and put them in. It should be left in this way for about 10 hours at room temperature.

Can Budgies Be Given Wheat?

When the time is up, wash the seeds that have softened well in water, and this time leave them to stand in the container (again with a strainer) without adding water.

It will be useful to cover the top of the container with a clean cloth or kitchen towel (in a thickness and shape that will not prevent airflow) in order to prevent dust. Leave the container prepared in this way in a bright corner, out of direct sunlight. It is necessary to check the seeds at regular intervals and water them each time. (They should not dry out). It is necessary to pour the water accumulated into the container from the strainer each time. This process should be set to take 2 full days.

Thus, sprouting begins at the edges of the seeds. Arzu ederseniz filizlerin uçları çıktığında da, yani 5-10 saat sonra, yemeleri için verebilirsiniz. However, it is desirable and recommended not to keep the sprout length up to 5-10 mm on the seeds longer than specified. Because after this stage, a bitter taste is formed from the sprouts and this will be a food that should not be given to the birds.

Rinse our sprouted seeds, which you have finished the process, thoroughly under water again. You need to take it on a kitchen napkin and let it drain for about 30 minutes.

When this process is finished, you can feed your dear friend with peace of mind with the sprouted germinated wheat food you get.

With its sprouted form, you can store your seeds in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days. But before giving it, make sure that it is at room temperature and if possible, do not exceed this storage period.

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