Features of Parrot Cage

Not recommended round parrot cage

The characteristics of the cage in which it will spend the whole day are very important for your parrot to lead a healthy and happy life. As a general rule, angular cages should be preferred. Round cages are narrower and higher in height than angular cages. Limited use limits the parrot’s range of motion. The fact that the perches placed inside are shorter in round cages prevents the parrot from exercising comfortably. In addition, the problem of direction perception arises in round cages. This causes the parrot to become more irritable.

Papağan Kafesi

The cage size for large parrots should be roughly 1.5 times the width of the two wings in the open position. The cage size of gray parrots in this case is at least 60 x 60 x 50 centimeters. Especially for red tail gray parrots and amazon and cockatoo parrots, 80 x 90 x 70 cm. A cage of the same size will be better for them.

Cage wire spacing is important for comfortable exercise and preventing accidents in young parrots. The 2.5 cm spacing is ideal. The wires must be horizontal. This allows the parrot to move freely.

Two wooden perches of different heights should be placed in the cage. While one of them is close to the feeder and waterers, the other should be higher. The diameter of the roost should be large enough to leave a small gap when the parrot is grasped with its claws. The ideal diameter for Amazon, cockatoo and gray parrots is 2.5 – 3 cm.

How Should a Jako Parrot Cage Be?

Checkered parrot cage we recommend
There should be a wire grid under the cages. Thus, food residues and feces accumulating on the bottom are prevented from contaminating the feet and causing health problems. It is also ideal to have a sliding drawer for cleaning under the cage. Thus, daily maintenance and cleaning can be done easily without disturbing the parrot.

It is extremely wrong to put newsprint on the bottom of the cage. Game-loving parrots are also keen on picking at the base paper. These creatures, which are very sensitive to chemical substances, can be adversely affected by even a small amount of ink. Therefore, commercially produced cage sand or special base materials should be used. When these materials come into contact with feces, they dry out in a short time, preventing microbes from harming the parrot.

There should be two containers in the cage where seeds such as water and seeds will be placed. These containers should be able to be easily removed from the outside without opening the cage door. There may also be a separate container for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The cage door should be large enough for the parrot to enter and exit easily. Parrots, which are intelligent creatures, are also very adept at opening cage doors. For this reason, it would be appropriate to install a small lock on the door.

Wooden Parrot Cage Models and Features

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