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Budgie Drying Disease

Drying disease, which can be seen in all bird varieties, is more common in budgerigars. Budgerigar drying disease occurs due to a fungal disease that occurs in the digestive systems of budgerigars. This fungus is a type of fungus known as megabacter. It is a deadly bird disease that is understood by the mass death of birds in Europe. Budgerigars caught in drying disease can die in a short time.

Is budgerigar drying disease, which is thought to be caused by bacteria but later turned out to be a fungus, contagious? The fact that the bird owner does not pay attention to the hygiene rules in bird care may cause the budgerigar drying disease to be transmitted to other birds. To prevent this, the cage of the sick bird should be separated from the others. Since the body resistance of the sick bird is very low, care should be taken to ensure that the ambient temperature is at the temperature required by the bird. All feeders and drinkers should never be used without disinfecting. Birds should not be released at the same time and contact with the sick bird should be completely cut off. Other birds should also be given drugs used to prevent disease.

Considering the seriousness of the drying disease, is the budgerigar dry disease transmitted to humans? question may arise. Fungal diseases seen in birds may show a tendency to infect humans.

According to studies, some birds only carry the drying disease. They do not get sick themselves, but they can infect the birds next to them.

What Are the Symptoms of Budgerigar Drying Disease?

Drying disease is not an easily diagnosed disease. For this, specialist and experienced veterinarians should conduct an examination. However, there are some symptoms in birds with budgerigar drying disease. These symptoms are;

  • Decreased appetite of the budgerigar
  • Fluffs up and sleeps all day
  • Sudden and rapid weight loss due to decreased appetite (Does not eat, plays in the oath)
  • Abdominal area larger and swollen than normal
  • Prominent appearance of the intestines in the bird’s abdomen
  • Inability to digest feed completely, feed in stool
  • Stool coming out as diarrhea (Feeds are seen in the stool)
  • The rapid melting of the bird’s meat and muscles (The bird becomes lighter, the breastbone becomes sharp as a knife)
  • dry budgie’s chest
  • Weakness, sluggishness, decreased movement and reluctance

Not responding to the treatments and medications given at home, depending on the above conditions, is among the symptoms of budgerigar drying disease. When these symptoms occur, they should be taken to the vet immediately.

Budgerigar Drying Disease Treatment

Budgerigar drying disease is a disease that has a severe course and the treatment process is quite difficult. Since the disease is not of bacterial origin, it cannot be treated even with the strongest antibiotics. On the contrary, antibiotics will damage the other internal organs of the bird and accelerate its death. For this, budgerigar drying disease drugs are available. These drugs are as follows;

  • The drug named Nystatin is widely used to prevent budgerigar drying disease. As a syrup, it is added to the bird’s water to drink it.
  • The drug named Amphotericin B is administered intravenously to birds in the form of serum in our country. The oral form of medicine has not become widespread in our country. It is practiced in other countries.
  • The drug called Fluconazole is given orally by mixing it with the water that budgies drink. There are varieties in syrup or pill form, and budgerigar dryness treatment is possible with these drugs. The course of treatment should continue for at least one month.
  • In addition to the drug treatment of drying disease, some procedures should be done. As an example of these transactions;
  • Feed and water bowl should be cleaned daily
  • The dirt in the cage should be cleaned every day or a mechanism should be prepared to cut the contact with the dirt.
  • The acid balance of the water should be regulated. For this, natural apple cider vinegar or grapefruit juice can be dripped into the bird’s water.
  • Vitamin support should be given to strengthen the intestines
  • It is also common to use dry yeast as a supportive treatment for budgerigar dryness. A very small amount is added to the bird’s drinker so that it will drink the fermented water. Yeast is used as a probiotic in drying disease. It regulates the intestinal system and acidity of the bird.

Other Formulas

  • For oral treatment, a syrup called TRIFLUCANis given orally in the morning and evening. The duration of treatment is 30days.
  • If FLUCANtablet; 1 capsule is poured into 100 ml of water and mixed thoroughly. 3 drops of this mixture are dropped into a full glass of water. The drug is refreshed every 8 – 10 hours. The drug is continued for 30days.

What are the Precautions to Take Before Drying Disease?

In budgerigar care, cleaning is the most effective method to protect it from drying disease and all other diseases. Constantly cleaning the cage and refreshing the waterers and feeders will be the best precaution to be taken against diseases. In addition, fluconazole should be added to syrup waters in a certain routine and time to prevent disease.

Since drying disease is a disease seen in the intestines, vaccination of internal parasites at regular intervals is among the measures that can be taken to prevent this disease.

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