How Are Animals Breed?

Living things must reproduce in order to continue their lineage. For this, the mating process, called mating, must take place. In almost every living thing, mating occurs as a result of the union of the male and female sexes. In animal mating, however, reproduction forms and methods are different for each different creature. The mating processes performed under human control are healthier. Other matings include situations that exist in wildlife and are uncontrolled. Human-controlled mating is also related to the domestication process of the animal. The examinations carried out under veterinary control, that is, during the period from pregnancy to birth, are very important for both the animal owner and the animal.

How Do Parrots and Birds mate?

Veterinary Controlled Breeding

Controlled breeding is important for animal health and their own capital, especially for animal owners engaged in cattle breeding, open fattening or closed stockbreeding. Since a disease that will occur in any animal in the shelter area will be transmitted to others, other pregnant women will be affected by this situation. It is very important to carry out these controls regularly for both pregnant and other animals.

Pet Breeding

Pet breeding must be kept under control. It is a phenomenon that seems easy to maintain at first, but actually imposes great responsibilities on the person. Pets with short gestation periods need to be produced consciously. Otherwise, it will be possible to encounter many stray pets on the streets if they are constantly produced and traded, that is, trading transactions are started. Since a living creature born in a domestic environment cannot adapt to street conditions, there will be a risk of losing its life in a short time. As a result, if the animal mating processes are not carried out in a controlled manner, the result will be negative for both parties under all circumstances and undesirable situations will definitely arise. Controlled mating is a precautionary measure.

A Cockatiel Parrot Cub.

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