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Budgie Feed Set

The budgerigar feed set contains all the nutritional elements that the bird will need. In addition to the feed types that provide the bird’s healthy and adequate nutrition, it contains the necessary vitamins and supplements. In the budgerigar feed set; bird food, bird food, conditioning feed, vitamin E, multivitamin, toxin binding vitamin, cracker, energy block, mineral block. In addition to this, some things are included in materials such as manger, water bowl, crisper, beak stone, sand bowl, food feeder, fish, bird sand, etc., which need birds. In this set, you can buy all the products your bird needs more economically. When you buy the materials one by one, it will be both troublesome and more expensive. Therefore, it will always be advantageous to buy it in the form of a set.

Quik Budgie Set

Budgie Necessity Set

In the budgiekit, everything the bird needs is found in bulk. While there are feed and vitamins necessary for a healthy diet, there are necessary materials in the cage. In an ideal budgie set; bird food, food, crackers, millet groats, condition enhancer, energy block, mineral block, vitamin E, Multivatamine, toxin binder, bird sand, manger, drinker, crisper, beak stone, fish, sand bowl, food dish, perch, squid bone, The swing attached to the cage can even take place in the cage. There are various sets of budgies, you can choose the variety you need.

Budgie Food

Budgerigar food consists of various seeds to meet the nutritional needs of the bird. Mixed feeds with different seeds are generally recommended. Thus, it is ensured that the bird can get all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. Yellow, red, white millets, safflower and Niger seeds are the seeds that must be found in bird feed. It is usually a mixture of these seeds, although it is found in additional seeds in some feeds.

Jungle Budgie Essentials Set

Budgie Need List

Cage is at the top of the budgie needs list. Then, apparatus such as feeder, water bowl, food bowl, sand bowl, perch, swing, tub for washing are added to the cage. Afterwards, the needs such as feeds, vitamins, energy and mineral blogs, beak stones and sand, which are necessary for the healthy development of the bird, are listed.

Best Budgie Food

In the selection of the best budgie feed, you should prefer the feeds produced and packaged by the brands with quality assurance. Quality feeds that carry the nutritional values that the bird needs are suitable. Since open feeds come into contact with dust and air, they may contain germs and bacteria and may cause the bird to become ill. For this reason, the best budgie feed is the feed offered in a closed package.

Budgerigar Supplies

Budgerigar Supplies

Budgerigar materials are products that provide the bird with a comfortable living space and are needed. First of all, a good cage is important because it will be the home of the bird. Various materials such as suitable feeders, water bowls, food bowls, sand bowls, bathing tubs, crispers, perches, beak stones, swings should be placed in the cage with care. These materials that the bird will need should be provided in a way that they can use it comfortably and live without any problems.

Budgie Toys

Budgerigar toys are used for the bird to have a pleasant time in the cage without getting bored. Toys are important for budgies, which are sensitive birds that get stressed easily. Swing is one of her favorite toys. You can even make it more fun by attaching a bell to the swing. Climbing ladders is a favorite toy. Mirrors are a play tool that lovebirds enjoy. Chewing and gnawing devices are toys that are both entertaining and beneficial for beak development.

Budgie Cage Set

Budgie Cage Set

With the budgerigar cage set, it allows you to buy other materials that your bird will need while buying its cage. In the cage set; cage, tulle to be attached to the outside of the cage, manger, waterer, food, sand bowl, crisper, beak stone, perches, swing, feed, vitamins, bird sand, crackers, energy and mineral blogs.

Budgie Prices

Prices of budgerigars vary depending on the characteristics of the bird and where it is sold. The price of baby birds and adult birds will be different. The price of a developed and very good budgerigar will be higher. Especially with today’s technology, you can see that budgies are sold in many places. You can buy budgies from pet shops at affordable prices.

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