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Bonnie is a brand that produces the best varieties of bait for parrots. It has a wide range of products in different varieties suitable for the age and breed of parrots. It offers bird feeds with special mixtures that will meet the daily vitamin and mineral needs of parrots.

The feeds, which are packaged untouched in hygienic facilities in European standards, provide healthy and balanced nutrition for parrots. A special packaging system is used to keep it fresh for a long time. The grain, seed and vitamin additives it contains are of the freshest features and are mixed in the proportions required by the bird.

Bonnie Parakeet Food

Bonnie Parakeet Food

Bonnie parakeet food is specially produced to meet the daily nutritional needs of longline birds. Parakeet birds eat as long as they stay awake. For this reason, it is recommended to clean the bait shells by constantly adding fresh bait to the bait bowl.

Bonnie parakeet bait contains; mixed sunflower seeds, canary feed, hemp seeds, saffron seeds, buckwheat, yellow, red and white millet, wheat. These grains and seeds are mixed in certain proportions to meet the daily vitamin and mineral needs of longlines.

Bonnie Parrot bait

Bonnie Parrot bait

Bonnie parrot food is a parrot food that contains the nutrients needed by all parrot varieties. With the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oyster shells it contains, it provides a healthy and balanced diet for parrots.

In it; corn, rice, mixed sunflowers, hemp seeds, paddy, saffron seeds, shelled and unshelled peanuts, a mixture of vitamins called amivit, dried carrots, cedar nut, oyster shells and various vitamins. The vitamins and amino acids in this parrot food are approved by the European Union and are healthy and high quality.

Bonnie Budgerigar Food

Bonnie Budgerigar Food

Bonnie budgie food has a special mixture prepared to meet the necessary nutritional needs of budgies. It is supplemented with various vitamins in order to meet the daily vitamin and mineral needs of the bird. The grains and seeds in it are selected in their freshest form and mixed in the proportions needed by the bird.

Bonnie budgie feed contains; white, yellow and red millet, Niger seeds, oyster shells, eggs and egg products, animal and vegetable oils, and special vitamin mixtures called amivit.

It provides a healthy and balanced diet for the bird with its grain, seeds and vitamins, minerals. It does not cause weight gain and lubrication problems. Budgies that are fed adequately and in a balanced way with Bonnie budgie food lead a healthy life for many years without getting sick. Hair becomes brighter and livelier.

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