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Parrot Trainer

With the widespread adoption of animal breeding at home, many people prefer to have different animals in their homes. Parrots also have an important place among the most preferred animals in homes. Many people keep parrots at home because they are close to people and especially because they talk. Parrots, which have very different abilities, can use these abilities to a great extent, especially when they are trained. However, training parrots is not something that people who do not know about this subject and who have a parrot for the first time can easily do. For this reason, it is necessary to get support from people who have knowledge and experience in parrot training. With the help of these people, who are called parrot trainers, it is possible to train parrots in a short time.

Parrot Training

Parrot Trainer Akif

There are many people on the market that can be used for parrot training. However, one of them stands out with its different aspects. Akif Atoum, known as the parrot trainer Akif, both hosts the parrots whose owner will go on a trip, and provides training for the parrots in different subjects in the parrot hotel she has established. Akif Atoum, who opened the parrot hotel for the first time in Turkey, actually resigned when she was a soldier in the Jordanian army and came to Turkey. Akif Atoum, also known as the man who whispers to parrots, made such a business venture because of his interest and love for parrots. Akif Atoum, who offers her customers satisfaction with parrot training, trains parrots in a completely natural environment in a short time.

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Parrot Training

Parrots are animals that are easy to train when approached in the right way. Revealing these abilities, which exist in parrots, which can turn into quite cute with speech, imitation and different movements, requires rigorous training. When training parrots, cages should not be used and the animal should be completely free. Also, parrots are animals that do not like iron cages. It is more effective to leave it on branches or perches made of wood instead. In parrot training, the parrot should not be feared, even if the house is feared, it should not be revealed. Sensing fear, the parrot does not accept its trainer as a leader and is not willing enough for training.

Are Parrots Hand Trained?

Are Parrots Hand Trained?

One of the mistakes that are often made about parrot training is not to drop them and try to train them by hand. However, parrots are animals that do not like to be held. For this reason, parrots should not be handled while they are being trained, and a free environment where they will feel comfortable should be created. In order to give the feeling that training is a good thing, rewarding the parrot after each training or taking it out for a walk is of great importance in terms of its motivation and willingness in subsequent trainings. It is possible for parrots to bite the trainer from time to time during training. However, in this case, parrots should never be shouted or treated harshly. Parrots, which are very sensitive, can be negatively affected by this behavior and show a reluctant attitude towards training. This is a situation that puts the educational process in a dead end.

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