Yeşil Boncuk

Yeşil Boncuk is a brand that offers quality and healthy food products for cage birds. It is produced with first quality rich grains and seeds as a German University formulation. Products that are packaged untouched in state-of-the-art facilities are presented with long-lasting special packaging systems. Yeşil Boncuk products, which birds love to eat, are nutritious and healthy.

Food products formulated by considering the bird’s natural nutritional habits have all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values they need. Grains and seeds are hygienically packed, purified from dust and bacteria in technological devices. It strengthens the bone structures and immune systems of birds. The feathers of birds fed with Yeşil Boncuk products become brighter and more vibrant.

Yeşil Boncuk Parakeet Bait

Yeşil Boncuk Bait

Yeşil Boncuk bait has a wide range of products specially formulated for birds of all kinds, such as budgies, canaries, parrots, parakeets and pigeons. It is produced by blending various grains and seeds in accordance with the age and breeds of the bird.

The first quality raw material is carefully selected as fresh and bird-specific mixtures are obtained. Yeşil Boncuk feed is a complete feed formulated with features that will meet the daily nutritional needs of birds of all breeds with its rich content. It has all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that birds need. The feeds, which are suitable for the natural eating habits of the poultry, enjoy the taste of food.

Yeşil Boncuk Budgie Food

Yeşil Boncuk Budgie Food

Yeşil Boncuk budgerigar food is a special food formulated in accordance with the biological and physiological structure of budgerigars. It contains vitamins, minerals and all other nutritional values that the bird needs. It is blended with various grains and seeds, as well as 9 mixtures and biscuits that lovebirds love to eat.

The Yeşil Boncuk feed, which they love to eat, strengthens the bone structure and immune system of the bird and prevents it from getting sick. It allows budgies to have a more energetic and healthy structure. It contributes to the appearance of their feathers more lively and brighter, and the development of speech characteristics. Everyone who uses it is very satisfied with its rich content, special packaging system and being a flavor that birds love to eat.

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