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Sweet Bird Budgie Food

Sweet Bird is a brand that offers quality and healthy products for cage birds. Specially formulated feeds in accordance with the natural feeding habits of birds are produced in Turkey. Complete bird feeds prepared in the form of a mixture of first quality grains, seeds, minerals and vitamins are produced. Feeds, which have all the nutritional values that birds need, provide maximum benefit. The grains and seeds that are blended after completely removing dust and bacteria are very fresh and carefully selected. The feeds that are packaged untouched in state-of-the-art facilities are hygienic and healthy. Feeds packed with special packaging systems stay fresh for a long time. It has a wide range of products for all cage birds such as budgerigars, parrots, parakeets, canaries, pigeons and goldfinches. It offers different types of feeds formulated in accordance with the biological and physiological structure of each breed of bird.

Sweet Bird Budgie Food

Sweet Bird Budgie Food

Sweet Bird budgie feed is a type of feed developed in accordance with the nutritional habits of budgies. It is a complete feed that will provide the budgerigars with a balanced and adequate diet. It is delicious and nutritious and healthy with its nutritional values. The easily digestible feed does not cause problems such as indigestion, vomiting, lubrication and excessive weight gain. Budgerigars fed with Sweet Bird budgies become more energetic, active, their feathers brighter and livelier, their bones stronger and healthier. The feed, which strengthens the immune system of the bird, prevents it from getting diseases.

Sweet Bird Budgie Bait

In the content of Sweet budgie feed; yellow millet, flaxseed, red millet, bird seed ( safflower) white millet, Niger seed and vitamin rusk. All these grains and seeds are added and blended in proportions appropriate to the nutritional needs of the budgerigars. All grains and seeds are carefully selected fresh. The content of the seeds is a high quality feed with mineral and vitamin values. Sweet budgie feeds are also available in fruit and honey varieties. The feed is made richer by adding various dried fruits and honey to the main content consisting of grains and seeds. You can also choose these foods to provide nutritional diversity to your budgerigar.

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