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Parrots, which stand out with their ability to imitate and speak, are the animal species that most want to be fed at home. Parrots that can be tamed with training are amiable and friendly. With its speech features, it can give its owner a fun time. There are many different types to keep parrots at home. One of them is the Caique parrot. In terms of buying a caique parrot, it varies between $300and $600. A parrot species that is native to the South American region stands out among the most playful and affectionate parrots.

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Caique Parrot Characteristics

Caique parrot is a species that spends its incubation period in tree cavities in its natural habitat. After completing the incubation period, it continues its life in the high points of the treetops. This parrot species lives in flocks and forms groups of at least 30 individuals. In this way, they both protect themselves and meet their needs. The seeds and fruits found in the treetops are their food. They communicate loudly among their own kind. They try to protect themselves and the herd by communicating with the signal they create in times of danger.

caique parrot characteristics

Home Living Space for the Caique Parrot

Since Caique lives in high treetops in its natural habitat, it needs an area where it can move comfortably during the feeding process in its home environment. Although it has a weak ability to fly, it is an active bird and can become moody when inactive during the day. A living space of 2 meters by 1 1 meters is the best size for them in the home environment. Buy caique parrot may vary in terms of terms.

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How to Feed a Caique Parrot?

Although the caique parrot is suitable for purchase, it is a type of parrot that needs attention in terms of feeding and care. It is one of the funny and mischievous parrot species. She likes to be eliminated, acted and joked during the day. With a size of 25 cm, it can live for about 40 years. Gender discrimination is invisible, but can be revealed by DNA testing. During home nutrition, cereals, seeds, corn, different fruit varieties, carrots and parquet feeds should also be preferred. It can gnaw carrots and corn. However, when you want to be fed with fruit, you should give the fruit by slicing.

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