Parrots Eye Swelling and Abscess Formation

African Gray Parrot Eye Swelling
For all living things, the eyeis an organ that is open to the outside and therefore has a very high rate of exposure to infection.

Parrotsare curious creatures. They love to be interested in every object they come across and to explore it. They do this with their toes and beaks, which they often use as hands. If the hygiene rules are not observed, especially if the stools are smeared on the fingers, the chances of the digestive system and eye infections are very high. Because while parrots bring the object to their beaks with their fingers, they also scratch their eyes. This condition has become a common occurrence in veterinarians, often as African Gray parrot eye swelling.

African Gray Parrot Eye Inflammation
Infection in the eye begins with mild redness, swelling and a small amount of watering. If it is not noticed in time, redness will increase due to the increase in itching. The eyelid is narrower than normal compared to the other. As the infection progresses, swelling occurs in the eye. The discharge becomes inflammatory.

Initially, the parrot’s general condition is good, but its appetite decreases. There is a general recession. It progresses day by day if not intervened. By forming an abscess, the involved eye swells more and closes. This condition has become a common condition where abscess is usually seen as a cockatieleye swelling. We often encounter eye swelling and abscess in these species.

African Gray Parrot Eye Swelling
The cause is mostly bacteria. Enteric bacteria, staphylactos and streptococci are the most common among them. In addition, a secondary infection may be added to the allergic reaction. In addition, vitamin A deficiency can also predispose to eye infection. Traumas can also be the cause of eye infection.

If it has not been intervened until the abscess formation, it is now difficult for the parrot to defeat this infection with its own body resistance system. The infection spreads to the sinuses and the entire respiratory system through the close neighborhood. With the involvement of the bronchi, lungs and entire air sac, the parrot can be lost.

The important thing here is that the eye infection is detected early. If it is detected in the first redness period or the necessary treatment is applied, abscess formation and the spread of the infection to the whole body are prevented. The treatment is completed.

Cockatiel Eye Swelling

Parrot Eye Swelling

Treatment Method: Supportive treatment is started. Maximum attention is paid to the cleaning of parrots and cages in accordance with the hygiene rules. If it is detected at the beginning of the event, antibiotic eye drops are applied to both eyes. In advanced cases, antibiotic treatment appropriate for the bacteria mentioned above is started by oral route. In this case, the best thing is to determine the antibiotic sensitive to bacteria, which is detected by culture and antibiogram of the infective eye, under laboratory conditions.

Parrot Eye Abscess

Parrot Eye Abscess

If Abscess Has Formed: Since it is difficult for the antibiotic to work and be effective on the abscess wall, the abscess must be surgically drained. Appropriate antibiotic therapy should then be initiated. In cases that have progressed to the respiratory system; The infection is very difficult to treat and the parrot’s risk of death is very high. In this case, it may be necessary to act more aggressively in the treatment. The important thing is to pay maximum attention to the hygiene rules in order to prevent the infection, not the treatment of the infection.

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