Diarrhea in Parrots

As many people who keep parrots know, these creatures usually have diarrhea (Diarrhae), the cause of which may be due to many things. Nutritional errors are usually the leading cause of these reasons.

Foods that are given to the parrot and are not suitable for her (such as eating from the plate or the table) cause digestive difficulties. This causes them to have diarrhea. Diarrhea can be very easy depending on the damage in the digestive system, and sometimes it can be quite challenging. In such a case, it is necessary to consult a competent veterinarian.

Parrot Diarrhea Medicine

Parrot Diarrhea Medicine

Infections can cause diarrhea. For example, bacteria, fungi or parasites. If the body’s defense system is weak, if it is exposed to excessive stress, if its psychology is impaired (such as a change in environment), fungal formations begin immediately in the intestines. These are often found in the environment the parrot is in; but it is bacteria such as E. coli (Escherichia coli) that do not cause any problems in a strong defense system. Another cause of diarrhea is fungi such as Candida or parasites called Trichomoniasis.

There are round (ball-type) bacteria called Enterococcus, Staphylacoccus, Streptococcus at the beginning, which are called coccus, which cause frequent diarrheal infections in parrots.

If the cause of this type of diarrhea is suspected, a specialist veterinarian should be consulted and a stool analysis should be done. As a result of the stool analysis, the veterinarian will give you the appropriate antibiotic for the bacteria.

Diarrhea Treatment in Jako Parrots

Diarrhea Treatment in Jako Parrots

We mentioned that emotional traumas, excessive stress or exposure to heavy psychological factors cause diarrhea. Although not seen very often, such situations create severe diarrhea.

If the parrot has both diarrhea and blood in the stool, this indicates that it has been poisoned in some way, a tumor in its intestines, or damage to its internal organs. It is essential to pay attention to this and to go to a veterinarian immediately without wasting time.

How Is Parrot Diarrhea Treated?

Diarrhea Treatment in Parrots
Every watery stool of your parrot does not immediately mean diarrhea. In general, many parrot owners confuse watery stool with diarrhea. Parrots excrete with their urine. This is especially evident in budgies. The important thing here is to be able to distinguish it thoroughly. The part of the stool we call urine has a white creamy appearance and is surrounded by darker stool. In a normal defecation, these two excretions are excreted without mixing with each other. It is odorless and dries quickly.

If your parrot has consumed fresh food and has had a lot of fluid intake during this time, her stool will be more watery (urine part denser) and wet than before. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. In general, consumption of fresh food and excessive fluids can cause short-term diarrhea. In such cases, taking a short break from fresh food or reducing the amount given will eliminate diarrhea.

In defecation with a high wetness rate, the stool part (dark color) looks tight, but the urine part (white parts) looks more messy and watery. In general, this type of stool occurs after bathing or after fluid intake. If this type of defecation is frequent, dries too late, if the parrot has any weakness, then it is necessary to worry. This type of stool indicates an infection in your kidneys.

You can recognize true diarrhea by its disintegration after defecation. The white part in diarrheal stools looks more viscous, slimy or even extremely watery. Already in the parrot’s cloaca, this sticky slimy excrement reveals itself by causing the feathers to get dirty and stick in that part. When you look at the cloaca of a parrot that already has diarrhea, it will often give you accurate information.

Diarrhea Treatment in Parrots

Diarrhea in Parrots
The most important part of treating a diarrhea is to correctly identify the factors that cause it. You should know that especially diarrhea will cause weakness and weakness in the defense system of the bird. Since this will cause the bird to be weak against other diseases that may come, it is necessary to pay attention to diarrhea, follow it correctly and go to a veterinarian without wasting much time.

You should definitely request a stool analysis from your veterinarian in order to diagnose it correctly. Already as a result of stool analysis; however, the drugs to be given and the treatment to be applied can be determined. In another important issue in the bird with diarrhea, you should not neglect a special feeding program for it. Because early discontinuation of drug therapy or careless nutrition programs for a short period of time cause diarrhea, which is expected to go away, to recur more strongly.

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