Points to Consider in Parrots

In these days when the weather gets very hot, serious problems occur not only for us, but also for our winged friends. In this period, we should pay more attention to our parrots, which are extremely sensitive to heat as a structure.

Below you will find behaviors to do and avoid on hot summer days.

Parrots have a fast metabolism. Since body temperatures are around 40-43 degrees, fluid losses in the body increase a lot, especially in hot weather. These losses need to be replaced immediately.

White Budgerigar

Drinkers should be checked twice a day. Even if it is not completely finished, 2. Be sure to refill with fresh water under your control.

Spray 5-6 times a day with water to reduce fluid loss and minimize stress. For budgiesand lovebirds, it is appropriate to use bathing bowls. You can have large group parrots take their own bath by putting water in a bowl of appropriate depth.

In hot weather, your parrot will also have a slight decrease in appetite for seed eating. The need for water will also increase in parrots that only feed on seeds. In this period, it is necessary to feed mainly fresh fruits and vegetables (especially fruit) in order to balance the amount of water taken and to provide a rich diet in addition to vitamins and minerals. Considering that there is no problem in the abundance of fruit in our country in summer, you can give any suitable fruit in small portions.

Due to the heat, the fruits and vegetables you give during this period deteriorate in a short time and start to stink. In case of consumption of these spoiled foods, the probability of having problems with the digestive system is very high. Especially fruits are extremely suitable for bacterial growth due to the sugar content they contain. If these fruits are consumed, your parrot can get serious infections. In order to avoid all these, care should be taken that the fruits and vegetables are fresh. Food should be given in quantities that will be consumed within a maximum of 2 hours. If there is any remaining part, it must be taken from the cage at the end of this period. It must be given in a separate container. These containers should be washed with soapy water at each change and rinsed thoroughly.

Couple Budgerigar

Air-conditioned environments are extremely harmful to parrots. Since the respiratory systems are very sensitive, the resulting air flow, humidity; balance disorder and causes damage to the lungs and air sacs in a very short time. Due to the increased sensitivity, micro-organisms easily settle in the respiratory system. For this reason, be careful that there is no air conditioning in the environment where our parrots are. Do not operate the fan. Do not allow it to be exposed to airflow. With the spray method, make it relax by wetting it during the day.

Sunstroke is one of the most common problems in this period.

Your parrot, which you take out to the balcony to get air and leave it in the shade, may be exposed to excessive heat due to the sun coming on it, if you are not careful. In such a case, the rate of losing your parrot within minutes is high. For this reason, you should take your parrot outside in a controlled manner in the early morning and evening hours and check it frequently during this time.

Blue Parakeet(Blue Little Parrot)

Summer Diarrhea in Parrots:

Summer diarrhea due to spoiled food consumption is one of the most common problems in these months. This problem is not just parrots. It threatens the lives of everyone, including us and all living things. For this reason, we should be very careful that the food we give to our parrot is not spoiled as much as what we eat during this period.

What to Do for Parrots in an Emergency:

In case of sunstroke, the minutes are of great importance. First of all, take your parrot to a shaded and cool place without panic. Try to reduce the effect of heat by spraying abundantly. This way, it will slowly start to come into its own. If her breathing is irregular, her eyes are squinted, and there is no improvement in her condition, start wetting her feet. Make sure that more water gets on it.

When she regains consciousness, place her on a small and soft towel in the cage and drink water. Prepare an environment at the bottom of the cage that will allow easy access to food and water. It is also important that the environment is quiet and dimly lit. During this period, she should pay attention to her nutrition, and if necessary, vitamin and mineral supplements should be given.

Leaving the Parrot Alone at Home for a Time:

As in the winter months, do not leave our parrot at home alone, even for a few days. You may not have a problem in terms of eating needs. However, you cannot predict in advance whether the amount of water you put in the cage will be enough for him or her during the time you will be left alone at home. Parrots love to take a bath. They can take a bath in the water bottle and finish the water while you are away. For this reason, there is a high probability that the amount of water you will leave will not be enough for her when she is alone. For this reason, in case you go somewhere, even for a short time, leave your parrot to someone you trust. Give that person a list of things to do and prevent your parrot from getting hurt.

As with any other comfort, seek help from a veterinarian if you encounter the problems described above.

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