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The Importance of Wing Cutting in Parrots

Parrot Wing Cutting

Especially in the summer, with the opening of the doors and windows, sometimes sad events begin to happen for the free-running parrots in the house. When it comes to wing cutting, it is generally perceived as a painful interventional activity that will hurt parrots. However, since the wing part we apply this process does not contain nerves and blood vessels, it does not pose a problem for our parrot. Gönül rahatlığı ile kafes dışına çıkardığımız kanatlı dostumuz hem rahat ediyor, hem de kanatlı dostumuz kendine olan güveni artıyor. Since it will not be a problem for her to fly away, it is not possible for her to harm herself.

African Gray Parrot Wing Cut

Flying is a reflex action for all birds in general. Especially in times of danger, living things act reflexively, that is, without thinking. For example, in an earthquake, we all try to escape by running and try to save ourselves from this great danger. We do this reflexively, without thinking.

Jaco Parrot Wing Adjustment

For birds, the reflexive action to be taken in such a dangerous situation is to fly away. Just as we try to run away from the danger zone, birds do the same by flying. For this reason, if your parrot, which never flew away for many years, suddenly takes off and disappears and does not return, she did it for reflex escape. Her intention here is not to leave you. But even if your poor winged friend wants to come back to you, she can’t come from above because she can’t predict the exact location of your house or balcony. She wanders around in desperation and suddenly disappears.

how to adjust African Gray parrot wings

In such cases, it is said that there is no event that would require the parrot to fly away. There is a detail that is missed here: the wavelengths of the sounds that parrots hear are different from ours. In other words, they also hear sounds in the wavelength we can hear and may perceive this situation as a danger. For this reason, it should not be strange that your parrot, which has not been flying away from your shoulder for 5 years, flies away in the silence of the middle of the night.

In order not to encounter such unfortunate situations, wing adjustments should be made at certain intervals. It is appropriate for this work to be done by competent hands and not done by the owner as much as possible.

jaco parrot wing cut

African Gray Parrot Wing Cut

During the process, 3-4 hairs on the head are left uncut, preventing the deformity of the wing. Then, one jump is made and 4-5 feathers are cut from each wing. If it is cut on one side, it will fly a little with its strong wing. She could hurt herself by hitting something.

If the hairs in the shirt, which are not fully developed, are cut, bleeding occurs. For this reason, the hairs that have completed their development should be cut from a certain amount of the stem.

Jaco parrot wing adjustment

How to Adjust African Gray Parrot Wings?

Wing adjustment must be done by an experienced person. If possible, the parrot owner should not be in the room where the procedure is performed. Parrots, which are very intelligent creatures, may perceive this attempt negatively and hold grudges against their owners.

The wings should be checked at frequent intervals, and the process should be repeated when necessary. According to the Animal Protection Law of 1987, cutting the entire wing is prohibited.

Cockatiel Wing Cut

Wing adjustment can be made for large and medium sized parrot breeds. It should not be done to budgerigars, parrots of lovebirdand cockatielas much as possible.

African Gray Parrot Wing Adjustment

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