Nutrition in Diarrhea in Parrots

Easily digestible foods;

In case of infections in the digestive system, it is absolutely necessary to offer easy-to-digest foods to the parrot. At such times, if the diagnosis is certain, it is necessary to give certain foods and delay giving some. Thus, your winged friend will have survived this period in a shorter time and with the least amount of problems.

At the first stage, it is necessary to make sure that the parrot really has diarrhea. On the other hand, it is difficult to distinguish between diarrhea and kidney infections. For this reason, a veterinarian should diagnose which problem your poultry friend is experiencing.

Diarrhea in Parrots

If diarrhea becomes definite, do not give fresh vegetables and fruits to our poultry friend during this period. Although their body needs the vitamins they contain, as they are foods with a high water content, their excretion will be liquid at the same rate. This is harmful for the bird with diarrhea. In the meantime, in another issue, since the liquid state in the stool will continue, it is not possible to diagnose whether the diarrhea has passed or not. Because it is difficult to understand whether the liquidity in the stool is due to the fresh foods eaten or the continuation of the disease.

diarrhea treatment in jaco parrots

Since the intake of fresh food will decrease, it is necessary to strengthen the body, which is made sluggish by diarrhea, with vitamin preparations (ready-made drugs) to be given externally.

If general malaise continues, it may be beneficial to add some grape sugar (fructose) to the water, or even give it with freshly prepared chamomile tea at home.

How Is Parrot Diarrhea Treated?

In addition, in a situation that should be considered, especially if there is a strong diarrhea situation, there will be not only water loss, but also a large amount of electrolyte loss in the bird’s body. For this reason, you should definitely supplement your friend with an external electrolyte supplement. It would be helpful to discuss this situation with your veterinarian. Thus, it will give you information about which electrolyte supplement should be made.

Continue with the daily feed mix you use as the main feed. In this process, do not give sprouted, germinated foods. You can also benefit from the quality grain-containing seed mixtures prepared by some feed brands. Some oats can be added to the mix. These feeds will contribute to shortening the diarrheaperiod and strengthening the immune system of our poultry friend. In addition, these dry foods will be useful in the elimination of diarrhea, as they will prevent the loss of fluid that causes diarrhea in the body.

A small amount of boiled potatoes, rice or dried bread crumbs are foods that can be given in cases of diarrhea.

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