Exercise and Toys in Parrots

Since parrots are bird species that normally live in nature, it is not appropriate for them to remain inactive in a cage environment for a long time. For this reason, you should allow her to exercise by releasing her for a certain period of time. Daily exercises are very important for the development of the whole body, especially the wings, of young parrots.

After the doors and windows of the room are closed and the curtains are covered, you can take your parrot out. With their inherently creative nature, parrots can damage your furniture. Various chemicals found in furniture paint and polish can be toxic to your parrot.

The Importance of Parrot Exercises and Toys

If you have pets such as cats and dogs in your home, make sure that they are not in the room when you release your parrot. Although they normally live without harming each other, it can cause undesirable events, especially if cats act according to their instincts in the presence of a freed parrot.

Uncontrolled hot drinks such as tea and coffee, as well as drinking glasses, are other dangers in the room. Never forget that even very small amounts of alcohol can be lethal to parrots.

During the exercise, the parrot should have perches to rest when it gets tired. By placing the natural tree stump on a suitable ground, you can create a suitable roosting environment outside the cage.

Things to consider before releasing your parrot

Remove them from the room before releasing them to prevent them from eating the plants. She reported that many plants, especially Difenbahia, philodendronand amerlydaetropical plants, are poisonous to parrots.

Another object that poses a danger to your parrot is aquariums. Serious digestive system dysfunctions and intestinal infections can be seen in birds drinking aquarium water containing high bacterial concentrations. For this reason, you must cover the open parts of your aquarium before releasing.

In the winter, etc. Having heaters also poses serious hazards.

You should see your parrot as part of your daily chores. In addition to their natural needs such as food and water, they also need bilateral relations as they are herd animals. If left alone for a long time, they get bored and start behaving abnormally and screaming.

Parrots are creatures with strong social relationships. For this reason, when they are alone, their creative features should be brought to the fore. Parrots, who are curious and playful by nature, perceive their toys as imaginary friends. They poke, bite, yell, and even talk affectionately. She will be busy with toys such as the exercise bike you will give her, plastic ball, plastic or acrylic animal figures, wooden ladders, and she will not be bored when you are not with her. You can also make a toy yourself with a wire that you attach to the small wooden reel. Even a piece of twig you put in the cage can stall it until the evening.

Put the newly bought toy in the cage at a certain distance, then bring it closer. Teach her how to play with it. Change her toy every day so that she does not get bored. Make sure the toy is safe by making daily checks.

Remember; A busy parrot is a happy parrot.

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