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Flying a Parrot Inside and Outside the House

Locking a parrot in a cage is the ultimate punishment. Leaving a pet parrot out is also suicide. You can read our article that we have written in order to add information and experience to parrot lovers about our current life related to flying parrots inside or outside the home.

After your parrot gets used to you, other members of the family and your home, it is time to let it out of the cage in its environment. And after making sure that the door and window are closed, close the curtains and open the cage door. If you do not close the curtains, the parrotmay not see the window. After a short period of bewilderment, the parrot will come out and climb onto the wires of the cage and perch on it. Observe this way for a while. Be in the room and say positive words in a soft tone again.

Indoor Parrot Flying

Flying a Parrot in a Indoor Room

After the freed parrot wanders around for a while, if it does not adopt the environment, it will enter its cage again. If it gets into a hard-to-reach place, wait until it gets dark. It can stay out of the cage at night after ensuring the safety of the environment. During this time, leave the cage doors open and make sure that there is no food or water outside the cage. Since the parrots eat at dusk and early in the morning, they will have entered the cage in the morning at the latest. If the parrot still insists on not entering, bring the cage close to it while the parrotis on the ground, with the open door in front of it. It will get inside by holding on to the wires with its beak. If she doesn’t, as a last resort, grab her with your hand and put her in her cage.

Flying a Parrot Out of Home

Flying away from home may be preferred in the future, but it is extremely risky. Parrots, which are good flyers by nature, will come to you again under normal conditions. This situation continues as long as there is no problem. But if the parrot, panicked by a high-frequency sound or a frightening event, goes far away, she may not be able to return even if she wanted to. If you want to release it outside, attach a clip to the parrot’s foot and attach it to your wrist with a thin 1 – 1.5 m chain. Thus, you will prevent her from escaping in the face of a possible negative situation.

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