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My feed is a company that has been producing quality feeds for many pets and cage birds since 2009. It offers feed and care products for birds such as cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, budgies, canaries, parrots, parakeets, goldfinches, pigeons.

Production is made in state-of-the-art facilities with first quality raw materials. Production and packaging processes are carried out with quality assurance in European standards. My feed products carry out professional studies on the balanced and healthy nutrition of pets. Carefully selected raw materials such as grains and seeds are formulated with special mixtures. Suitable mixtures are obtained for all ages and all breeds of animals.

Myyem Extra

My yem Extra

Myyem extra series feeds are special feeds with vitamin and mineral additives specially formulated for all kinds of animals. The Extra series has a rich product range. Myyem extra series has varieties such as budgerigar food, parrot food, longline food, canary food, warming food, talker food, finch food, rabbit food. You can cry for a healthy and balanced diet by choosing the extra food suitable for the needs of your little friends.

My yem Selection

My yem Selection

Myyem selection series feeds are specially prepared for various pets. Having a wide product range, selection series feeds are special feeds with vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that pets need. It is the food that your little friends will love to eat with its contents enriched with additives such as vegetables, fruits and honey.

In the Myyem selection series; hamster food with vegetables and fruits, rabbit food with dried vegetables and fruits, guineapıgs, baby budgerigar food supplemented with honey, real fruit part long line food, real fruit part budgerigar food, real fruit part parrot food, wet honey food supplemented canary food, wet honey food varieties are available.

My feed Baby Budgie Food

My feed Baby Budgie Food

Myyem baby budgerigar food is a nutritious food type that ensures healthy development and growth of newborn and growing budgies. Trying to forage for baby budgies is sometimes a difficult and troublesome process. Myyem has formulated this special feed so that baby budgies can easily get used to the food and have a healthy and balanced diet.

The feed, which has all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values needed by the baby birds, ensures the rapid development and growth of the young. My feed baby budgie feed contains; There are yellow, red and black millet varieties, bird seed (safflower), unshelled oats, Niger seeds, biscuits colored with food coloring. The content has been blended with certain percentages in accordance with the structure of the baby budgies.

Myyem Selection Budgerigar

Myyem Selection Review

People who comment on Myyem selection state that the feed is very useful for their pets. Pet owners who use Selection series products state in their comments that their little friends eat with pleasure, are more energetic, their fur looks more lively and shiny, and they are healthier.

Myyem Budgie Food

Myyem Selection Parrot

Myyem selection parrot food is a type of food specially formulated for a balanced and healthy diet of parrots. It contains; Contains dakota seeds, peeled oats, safflower, cereal, puffed rice, puffed wheat, peanuts, hemp, calico seeds, dried carrots, paprika, carob, nut and fruit mix.

Myyem Fryer

Myyem Selection Budgie

In the content of Myyem selection budgie feed; yellow, white, black and red millet varieties, seasonal oats, safflower, Niger seed and fruit mix. With its rich content, it is a complete feed that allows budgies to get the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values they need at the maximum level.

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