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Lora Bait

Lora feed is a company that has been serving since 1992, producing feed for various pets and cage birds. It offers quality food products for your little friends to have a healthy and balanced diet. First quality raw materials are carefully selected and freshly blended.

Mixtures are prepared in appropriate proportions, taking into account the nutritional habits of the pet. The feeds, which are clinically tested in the laboratory, have all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that pets need.

The bones of your friends fed with Lora food will be stronger, their feathers will be brighter and more lively. Foods that are easy to digest and suitable for daily use are first quality complete foods. It improves the quality of life of pets and allows them to live longer.

Lora Budgie Food

Lora Bait

Lora feed has a wide range of products that will provide a balanced and healthy diet for many pets. It has nutritious food for cage birds such as budgerigars, parrots, longhairs and canaries, as well as for rodent pets such as hamsters.

There are various types of feed for many other pets such as cats and rabbits. It is available in special feeds that provide nutritional support as well as mixed whole feeds that meet the daily nutritional needs for cage birds. There are special types of feeds for the special times of the birds, such as crackers, millet, scalding and talker feeds. Lora feed offers all kinds of feed with quality assurance and offers necessary and sufficient nutrition options for pets.

Lora Parrot Food

Lora Parrot Food

Lora parrot food is a quality feed type that has vitamins, minerals and nutritional values that parrots need. The feed, which ensures healthy and balanced nutrition of parrots, is packaged with first quality raw materials in state-of-the-art facilities. Lora parrot feed contains; sunflower seeds, corn, safflower, pumpkin seeds, carob, peanuts and dried fruits.

All these nutrients are carefully selected and blended in proportions suitable for the parrots’ needs. Analysis components of Lora parrot feed; It is in the form of 13.5% crude protein, 24% crude oil, 17.70% crude cellulose, 2.10% inorganic matter. All these values were combined with the consideration of healthy nutrition of parrots as a result of clinical tests in laboratory environment.

Lora Talker Bait

Lora Talker Bait

Lora talker bait is a supportive product for budgies and parrots to learn to speak faster and to speak more. The talk of budgies, which are the joy of the house, is very important for their owners. Lora talker feed accelerates this process with its nutritional values.

It contains; There are yellow, white, red millet varieties, flaxseed, bird food, various vitamins and minerals. It is a feed rich in calcium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium and zinc elements. It is a complete vitamin store with vitamins A, E, B2, B12, D3, K3. Crude protein, crude oil, crude fiber, crude ash, HCL insoluble ash, NaCl, metabolic energy and moisture components are present in appropriate amounts. With all this special content and composition, it supports the speech feature of birds.

Lora Parakeet Food

Lora Parakeet Food

Lora parakeet feed is a special feed blended with first quality fresh grains and seeds for balanced and healthy nutrition of longline birds. It ensures that parakeet birds get the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutritional values in the best way possible.

Lora parakeet feed contains; It contains flax seeds, oats, safflower, sunflower seeds, yellow, red and white millet varieties, rapiska, hemp seeds, rice, vitamin and mineral additives. The seeds and grains used in its content are carefully selected as first quality and packed untouched by hand, purified from dust and bacteria with the latest technology devices.

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