Living with a Parrot

Everything is beautiful in its nature.

There is a fate that awaits all living things in the balance of nature. It is to endure or be destroyed by the new environment in which it is forced to live by other living things.

The main problems of caring for living things that were born and raised in natural conditions are as follows;

First of all, difficulties in getting used to the environment, food and social environment are the diseases brought together by the environment.

Some of the wild parrots are grown and sold in commercial enterprises in isolated conditions. There are problems that will arise in keeping these parrots in the home environment.

Owning and Caring for a Parrot

First of all, it is getting used to its new environment and feeding conditions. In addition, there are some disease-causing factors that have entered the parrot’s body during the breeding period but do not show clinical signs. They become active in their new environment, depending on the stress caused by changes in care and feeding conditions or the new social environment, and cause clinical signs.

Gray Cockatiels

Throughout their lives, people have succeeded in establishing beautiful relationships with the animals they live with, which they could not manage to establish among themselves. This situation has brought a new way of life called pet animals to the agenda. Pet animals have revealed social relations such as taking a place in the living space of people, protecting the place they have acquired, becoming superior and not wanting to share the attention. In addition, the fact that parrotscannot meet the requirements of their breed’s living conditions in the home environment has led to deterioration in some body functions.

Small Forpus Parrots

Things to Consider While Owning a Parrot

The main features that we should pay attention to in terms of the creatures we start living with in our house are as follows;

Great Red Amazon Parrots

  • It is very important to know the nutrition and environmental conditions (shelter materials, heat, light) in the natural environment of the living thing, especially for those who are brought from nature. On the other hand, due to partial adaptation, care and feeding are easier for those born and raised in breeders than those brought from their natural environment.
  • It is important to determine the place of the creature in the house and its social relations with other living things.
  • The diseases brought by living things, the diseases they catch in their new environment, the transmission of diseases in living things to humans or diseases in humans to living things are other issues that need attention.
  • It is important to establish a patient care unit suitable for the sick creature, to ensure that the sick creature receives appropriate treatment and to regain its health as soon as possible.
  • The details of the above-mentioned vital features and their solutions with a scientific approach will be explained when appropriate.

Big Yellow Amazon Parrots

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