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Owning and Caring for a Parrot

Personal Eligibilityto Own a Parrot

When buying any pet into the home, one must carefully consider one’s own life. In order to meet her needs, a certain time should be allocated for her during the day. The person’s work and social life should not prevent her from allocating this time to the pet.

When buying any pet, it should also be taken into account that it will be a member of the family. Changing or returning it when it is not liked can lead to psychological trauma, especially for young children at home.

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Negative Aspects of Owning a Parrot

The amount paid when buying a parrot ranges from $200 to $2000 for large parrots. This figure does not include veterinary care and other costs.

Their training is difficult. You can’t train with punishment like you can with dogs. Even if your patience runs out, you can never behave badly. Because of their high intelligence, they never forget good and evil.

Because of their noisy voices and being wild birds, they can growl, scream and shout. You may have trouble with your neighbors in this regard.

Do not forget that you are at the beginning of a union that you will leave to your grandchildren because they live for a long time.

Personality changes that she will show over the years and her angry behaviors during anger may wear out your patience.

When you go on vacation, it will be a hindrance to you because it requires daily care, and also because of the psychological problems it will experience after leaving you. Never forget that you will have a small child who never grows up.

There are 332 parrot species in the world.

If the most important reason for wanting a parrotis to have a talking bird, it will not talk at all if it does not have the talent. The opposite of this situation is also the case. If you have a talkative parrot, you may also be bothered by it talking too much.

Especially large parrots have destructive properties. It can upset you by damaging your furniture and valuables.

Because parrotsare social birds, they see themselves as part of the household. In case of neglect, psychological disorders may occur.

They can get bored easily. They want something to keep them busy all the time. If they get bored, they start to take care of themselves. They harm themselves (plucking, etc.) Training of parrots caught in nature is very difficult and requires patience. If possible, prefer hand-grown parrots.

You should change the feed and water twice a day. You should give fresh fruits and vegetables regularly every day. You should clean her cage every day.

They make the environment very dirty. Your parrot, which you leave clean in the morning, is surrounded by seed shells, feathers and white powder until the evening. Every day you should clean the room with a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust.

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Positive Aspects of Owning a Parrot

Parrotsare a source of positive energy. When you come home, it will cheer you up, no matter how depressed you may be.

they are sentient beings. It detects your happiness or sadness. It shares your feelings. She adds color to your life with her speeches. Over time, she gains the love of all the household by speaking appropriately and with meaning.

They are professional clowns. They imitate not only sounds, but also gestures and other movements very well. They have special abilities to imitate mechanical sounds such as doorbells and telephone ringing melodies. Especially when they want to contact you, they may surprise you by resorting to this route.

It is bound to you unconditionally. Once adopted, they show constant affection.

How to Talk a African Grey Parrot

Parrots and Household

The member of the family, who has a long life expectancy, must be accepted by the other members of the household. Daily work of parrots that require daily care should be able to be done by other people when necessary.

In addition, chronic diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis in other members of the house, all kinds of diseases that weaken the body defense system, diseases that require chemotherapy can pose a serious problem in taking pets into the house.

In relationships with neighbors, large parrots can cause problems with their loud voices. Parrots, like other birds, have a natural tendency to sing, especially in the early morning and evening hours before dark.

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