General Information About Parrots

It is the name given to climbing birds with colorful feathers from the parrotfamily. They also live in Asia and Africa, less in South America and the Ocean. The parrot has curved and short legs and a thick beak. Their feet have four toes, two in the front and two in the back. Its main feature is that it can imitate the human voice. Although the words she says do not exceed a few words, there are types that repeat long sentences without surprise. Parrots have shiny, long and beautiful plumage. Brightly colored feathers such as red, yellow and green make the bird look much more beautiful than it is. They find buyers for high prices for their ability to imitate speech. They find buyers for high prices for their ability to imitate speech. They don’t fly well. They make their nests in tree cavities or rock crevices. Small species, as well as large ones that lay 1-2 eggs a year, lay more eggs. They eat food items such as soft fruits or grain seeds. They do not like hard fruits.

There are more than 400 varieties of parrots.

The main species are: amazons, lorikeets, ara. The Amazon parrot lives in America, is about 50 cm long, is a flightless species. The New Zealand big parrot is one of the larger species. Feathers red, blue; its tail turns yellow. It is about 40 cm. They live in New Zealand, their meat is eaten.

Parrot Species

Parrotaceaeis a family of vertebrate animals from the Birds class, the Cuckoo order, the Parrots suborder. Tropical birds. Their tongues are straight and they can imitate speech. The main species are the Great Bird Parrot, Sparrow Amazons Parrot, Helmeted Cockatoo.

Parrots The class Birds from vertebrate animals is a suborder of the Cuckoos order. It is a tropical region animals. It includes birds whose feet are suitable for climbing, colorful and can be used to talk. The tip of their upper beak is curved like a hook. There are two families: Parrotaceae and Brush-drills.

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