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    • Where can I find a baby Lovebird parrot?

      You can find average young 5-7 month old parrots imported from pet shops. If you want it to be even younger, you can adopt the puppies raised by the members of the sharing portals.

    • How do I know if a parrot is a baby?

      The approximate age of a Lovebird parrot can be determined by the color of its beak and the brown band on the beak. The nostrils of the puppies are prominent, while the nostrils of the adults are not visible when they are not moist. For red beaks, the color of the beak, which is between brown and orange when born, turns completely red, for white beaks, the brown band on the beak lightens and gradually disappears when born. The parrot, which has an all red or white beak, is over 3 months old. In addition, the intensity of the brown spots on its feet is a sign of its puppies, if there are no details on its feet, it is over 5 months old.

    • Lovebird parrot age estimate

      The nostrils of juvenile Lovebird parrot are slightly more prominent, while in adults the nostrils are not visible unless they are moist. The parrot, which has an all red or white beak, is over 3 months old. In addition, the density of brown spots on its feet is a sign of its offspring, if there are no details on its feet, it is greater than 5 months old.

    • How to tell Lovebird parrot gender?

      Lovebird parrot gives the final result in gender discrimination with DNA test. However, there are differences to help make an estimate.

  • Lovebird parrot gender prediction?

    The tails of the males are pointed, while the females are open like a fan. In addition, the feet of adult birds stand about 1 cm apart in males and more in females. Of course, their behavior more than their appearance can help us in this regard, you can check the forum for detailed differences.

  • What should I consider when buying a parrot?

    Examine the bird you will buy with the others and make sure that it does not have a partner, then take it to a separate cage and wait for it to defecate. Their feathers should be complete and shiny, not fluffy, eyes should be wide open and healthy, no runny nose, both feet should be on the ground, breathing should be calm and normal.

Lovebird parrots are among the very cute and naughty parrot species. The most adorable thing about these parrots is that they don’t sit still like a hyperactive naughty child, which makes them so cute.

Of course, such a cute parrot species will have a price. The Lovebird Parrot is among the most preferred species from year to year. In 2016, the lovebird was owned between $80 and $100, while in 2017 and 2018, the price increased by 10%, so to speak. In the last quarter of 2019, an adoption was made for 100$ We have just entered 2020, manufacturers’ feed, food, etc. There is an increase in price according to the purchasing power of needs such as

There are many people or people who make a living by producing and trading Lovebird parrots. We know that there are manufacturers that make reservation sales. We need to know where and how the race, which is one of the most important things to consider when having a lovebird, comes from and in what kind of environment it was raised. This is also true for budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels and large parrots sold in pet shops.

You may consider it best to adopt a parrot from a pup. You can contact a Lovebird parrot breeder and make an agreement with that person and aspire to one of the hatchlings.

You can take delivery of your baby after the food is gone, that is, when the mother does not need feeding.

We actually answered this in the previous question answer, but there is a different issue to be answered here. Poultry sales are prohibited and illegal in the online environment. There are people who are aware of this and adopt parrots in different ways.

Producers are posting and posting this situation under the name of ownership. The owner should answer as to actually buy the lovebird from the manufacturer. Lovebird parrot should be adopted from their breeder or, if we are unable to care for them, find a better caregiver and adopt that person.

The price of the lovebird will be adopted between 150$170$in 2020. Although the prices vary according to the type of parrot, this price determination also determines the feed and food factor. We do not think that these prices will decrease unless we are relieved economically.

While the cost of feed and food for lovebirds was 19₺ (average price) per kilo in 2017, they were between 70$ and 80$, and the seller in the field was also satisfied with the situation. In this situation, the prices are increasing every year because the country’s economy is dependent on foreign brand feed and food as agriculture and agriculture.

In 2018, lovebirds were adopted between 80$100$. Both facebook groups and producer adoptions started to complain about the situation, and everyone was looking for a different way.

If a lovebird breed, whose mother and father are certain, and someone who is a connoisseur of this business, he would adopt the lovebird for between 100$ and 120$. As we have always stated, this situation varies according to breed, breed, producer, feed and food conditions.

There is no significant increase in lovebird prices in the first two months of 2020, but the new figure is 130$. We can say that these prices are quite reasonable prices. We think it will increase even more in the future.

According to the information we have obtained, the 2021 sales price for the lovebirds varies between 300$ and 450$ for the producers and hobbyists. You can find it in petshops for a minimum of 250$.

You can find detailed information about Lovebird parrot prices 2022 from places that produce and sell birds. The breeding of Lovebird parrots is like budgies. After taking a mate with the lovebirds, it is necessary to make the cage they live in suitable for breeding and install a nest. The price we see is between 600$ and 800$.

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