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Deli Nature Butterfly and Worm Butterfly and Parakeet Food 10 KG

As it is known, Deli Nature foods are one of the most preferred bird foods. It is a brand owned by Belgium. Deli naturel, which has a very diverse product catalog, is one of the most preferred foods, and one of the most preferred foods is deli nature insect-worm budgie and pareket food, 10 kg.

Deli Nature Bug and Worm Budgie and Parket Food

They use this food for parquets such as love parrot and sultan parrot. This is a unique and beautiful food for animals. Again, it is extremely useful for all budgies, forpusas, and birds. Especially in parrots, it provides the desired size and wonderful feathers.

Deli Nature Bug-Worm Love and Parakeet Food

Ingredients of Deli Nature Insect-Worm Butterfly and Parket Food

Food contains mostly protein. Eggs and their derivatives are used to increase the amount of protein more.

Deli Nature insect-worm and parakeet food 10 kg is enriched with dried insects. Small amounts of seeds and vitamins are also present in the food.

Deli Nature Premium

Deli Nature Insect- Worm. What Does Conversation And Paraket Food Do?

As it is known, Deli Nature foods are produced in extremely hygienic and careful production areas. First of all, the products are absolutely original. Does not contain additives. After passing some special tests, it is put into special packages and packaged and offered for sale, absolutely without touching. It has a long shelf life, so it does not deteriorate for a long time.

Bird care is a matter that requires care and meticulousness. For this reason, bird keepers want to feed their birds the best food.

Deli Nature’s wormy and insect budgerigar and parakeet food 10 kg provides the necessary supplements for your birds.

Birds are animals that get stressed quickly. From time to time, you may see your birds motionless and without appetite. This is because they are stressed. Thanks to this food, the birds are less stressed and their appetite is open.

Deli Nature Amazonia

They are compatible during the mating period and spend their ovulation periods in a healthy way.

When given to birds, Deli Nature foodshould be given fresh daily and in a way that a bird can eat.

Fresh water must be available along with the food. Seasonal fruits can also be added to the food upon request.

Deli Nature Parrot Food

Deli Nature Butterfly-Worm Butterfly and Parakeet Food 10 kg Price

The market price of 10 kg of deli nature insect-worm budgie and parakeet food, which is available on the Internet and can be purchased by order, is currently $75. There are also 5 kg options of the same food.

Since the Deli Nature brand is highly preferred, it is a food that is quickly consumed when put on sale. Buyers speak highly of it. If you wish, you can give these foods to your birds and you can see the difference between them and other foods in a short time.

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