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When we say budgerigars, the same thing comes to mind for all of us. They are cute little birds that are friendly and can even memorize and speak a few words. Let’s get to know these cute birds more closely. Budgerigars are one of hundreds of bird species living in the Australian continent. This bird is a member of the parrot family. Their lifespan varies between 5 and 10 years. At the same time, a budgerigar in nature has a weight ranging from 30 to 40 grams and a length of 18 cm. Budgerigars are also frequently preferred by bird lovers and families with children due to their ease of feeding and close communication with people.

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Budgerigar Nutrition

Although the budgerigar is a pet that is easy to feed and effortless, with minimal feeding costs, good nutrition is just as important to her as any other pet. Poor quality feeds cause problems such as indigestion, excess feather loss, diarrhea, dullness of feathers and shorten the life of your bird. Stale seed food will harm your bird in every way, causing it to become sick.

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Your budgie deserves the best food just like any other pet. Therefore, feed your bird with 1 kg of Deli nature Premium budgie food. Deli nature Premium budgie feed will be a very good choice for your budgie with 1 kg of carefully selected fresh millet and feeds. Deli nature Premium budgie 1 kg feed has 100% natural ingredients. It is easy to digest. It does not disturb your bird after the meal. It meets all the nutritional values that your dear friend budgie needs. All you have to do is have a nice and fun time with your bird.

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The Importance of Oath in Budgerigar Production

At the same time, the budgerigar, which is produced frequently, has become a trade gate for some people. The unchanging great interest it has seen for years has pushed the producer to the production of budgies. Feed quality is one of the factors that have a very important place in the production of budgerigars. You can choose deli nature Premium food with peace of mind for both your breeding birds and budgies. For maximum egg and fry quality, you can choose the deli nature feed family with confidence and peace of mind.

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Why Deli Nature Premium Budgie Food?

Because with deli nature premium feed we always offer Premium service for you at an attractive price. Reasonable price, carefully selected millets and feeds. All are fresh and high quality. Hundreds of producers and budgerigar owners prefer crazy nature food today. We always guarantee satisfaction. Try it and see the difference in your birds with your own eyes.

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What’s in 1 Kg of Deli Nature Premium Budgie Food?

High quality Raw Materials and millet varieties such as white millet, red millet are available as well as bird feed. Sizde deli nature yeme geçin kuşunuzun sağlıklı bir hayat geçirmesine yardımcı olun.

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