Budgerigar Breeds

Budgerigars, which impress us all with their colorful colors, are among the bird species we most prefer to keep in our homes. Budgerigars enchant us all with their long wings and chirping sounds.

It is also very easy to feed them in our homes. Budgerigars, which meet their food needs from their own feeders and waterers, contribute to your eye pleasure with different color scales. At the same time, it allows us to forget our troubles for a little bit. Budgerigars are offered for sale in different breeds in our country.

When talking about budgerigar breeds in our country, the first bird that comes to mind is the light green budgerigar. This species, which has not changed at all, is the species that speaks the most.

Albino budgies, on the other hand, have a sensitive nature. The eyes of this species are red and the plumage is white. Albinos are very sensitive and should be cared for with care.

Czechoslovakian budgies are larger and larger than other types of budgies. It is not very common in our country. Gray wing budgies are usually gray in color. The most obvious features are their aggressive nature and their inability to adapt to training.

The most important features of EnglishDutch budgies are that they are large and sink into their eyes as they get older.

Lutino budgies, on the other hand, carry a pure yellow color. The spot color of these birds, whose eyes are red, is white.

Blue budgies are generally a mix of blue and gray. The type of budgerigar that is most prone to talking is the blue budgerigar.

Alexander budgies are much smaller than other budgies and are about the size of a sparrow. They resemble the Indian nightingale. There are not many Alexander budgies in Turkey.

Male Budgerigar Beak

How to Tell the Sex of a Budgie?

The sexes of budgies will be more obvious after they are two months old. It will be sufficient to look at the cere color of the birds in order to understand the sex of the budgerigar. If the budgerigar is male, it will have a cere, bright blue, purple or pink coloration.

Male budgieshave a very slightly distinct white around their nostrils. If the budgerigar is a female, the cere will be dirty or light white, yellowish or dark brown in color. The sex of the budgerigars can be determined from the color of the cere (nose).

How to Identify a Male Budgie?

How to Identify a Male Budgie?

Sexing the budgerigar may seem difficult to most of us. However, it is not difficult to distinguish the sex of a bird whose cere color is fully evident.

In this sense, the most satisfactory answer to the question of how to understand a male budgie is that birds with bright-looking blue, pink and purple cere are males. At the same time, there are less pronounced whites around the beak. It would be correct to say that it is a male for a budgie with these features.

Male Budgerigar Beak!

The sexes of budgerigars are determined by the color of the beak or cere. The beak of the male budgie has a color that is purple, pink or bright blue. If these colors are dark brown, this budgie symbolizes a budgie that does not want to mate.

How to Tell the Sex of a Budgie?

This bird is male, but does not favor mating due to the tumor in his testicles. Birds’ beaks and ceres give a lot of information about the characteristics of birds. The important thing is that the cere region has reached sufficient maturity. The cere is near the beak where the budgies’ nostrils are located. If the cere color is purple, blue or pink, the budgie is said to be male.

Persons who are experts in this field will be able to give information about the sex of budgies by looking at the color of the cere even when the budgerigar is a baby. However, it is possible for bird owners to distinguish their sexes by looking at the color of the cere (nose) when the budgies reach 4 months of age.

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