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Beak’s is one of the highest quality bird foods specially formulated for cage birds to have a healthy and balanced diet. Beak’s bird feed, which contains the daily vitamins and minerals that the bird needs, is produced in the flavors of the favorite foods. This feed, which contains various grains and seeds, supports the healthy development and growth of the bird. It has a wide range of products with various contents suitable for baby and adult cage birds.

Beak's Shelled Budgerigar Food

Beak’s Shelled Budgerigar Food

Budgerigar feeds are produced with and without shells. While the groats are easy to eat, shelled baits are healthier for the bird’s beak development. And shellfish can be stored for longer periods without spoiling. Beak’s shelled budgerigar food consists of a shell mixture of various grains and seeds.

Beak's Shellless Budgie Food

Beaks Shell Less Budgie Food

Beak’s shellless budgie food is suitable for baby birds and adult birds with problems in their beaks. Shellless feeds are ideal for birds that have loss of appetite during periods of illness or stress, as they can be eaten easily. However, groats should be stored without air, as they can be quickly moistened and spoiled.

Beak's Mixed Parrot Food

Beak’s Mixed Parrot Food

Beak’s mixed parrot food consists of a combination of various grains and seeds to meet the bird’s daily vitamin and mineral needs. It is a mixture formulated in accordance with the nutritional habits and needs of parrots. It contains red, yellow, white and black millet, flaxseed, oat, hemp seed, safflower seed, Niger seed, colored granule. Different seeds and grains are added according to the type of feed.

Beak's Paraket Parrot Food

Beak’s Paraket Parrot Food

Beak’s parakeet parrot food is specially produced with 100% natural ingredients. The grains and seeds in it are enriched with various vitamins and minerals to support development and immunity. In Beak’s longline parrot food; There are nutritious foods such as flax seeds, oats, hemp seeds, Niger seeds, yellow, red, black and white millet varieties, sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds, kernels, safflower seeds and corn.

Beak's Mixed Budgie Food

Beak’s Mixed Budgie Food

In Beak’s mixed budgerigar feed, various grains and seeds are combined in appropriate sizes to ensure growth, development and balanced nutrition of budgerigars. In accordance with the nutritional values, the seeds were mixed with certain percentages and clinical tests were performed in the laboratory environment.

Beak's Fruity Budgie Food

Beak’s Fruity Budgie Food

This specially developed feed variety has a formula enriched with various fruits. It allows the bird to taste different flavors and to be fed better with fruits.

Beak's Red Bough Millet

Beak’s Red Bough Millet

Twig millet is one of the favorite foods of cage birds. Beak’s red bough millet with its flavor and easy separation from the shell allows the bird to eat fun food. You can present it by hanging it in the cage or leaving it on the floor.

Beak's Small parrot Food

Beak’s Small parrot Food

Beak’s small parrot food, which allows the baby parrots to get used to eating and grow and develop quickly, is a delicious food and helps the baby get used to eating more easily.

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